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How to get Whatsapp calling feature

After Whatsapp web
now Whatsapp allows you to make calls your near and dear ones.
Whatsapp call
feature is similarly like Viber, but as considering the user base of Whatsapp it’s
a huge deal.
This calling
feature is not available in official app, it might take few more weeks to get
the official update. But if are eager to use then you have to download the apk
of Whatsapp app from the official website of Whatsapp. Moreover you need the
latest version of Android (which is Lollipop) to get this feature.
To get this feature
you have to uninstall the official Whatsapp app.
Then go to and download the apk file.
Before installing  you should go to settings>security then tap
on the option which is: unkown sources. Now you can install the latest version
of Whatsapp.
Once you installed
the latest version of Whatsapp, you need to find someone who already have this
feature because if he call you then only this feature will activate on your
download the apk file click here 
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