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How to Promote Your Book on the Internet – 6 Effective Ways to Win Readers

The latest technology gives writers new opportunities to promote their creations. There are many options for effective promotion of literary works on the World Wide Web. After reading this post, you will learn in all details how to promote a book on the Internet. And you will be able to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

Basic options

The global network is the perfect place to grab the attention of the reading public. A lot of authors have found loyal fans here. To quickly promote your work, you can use the following Internet capabilities:

  • Free online libraries;
  • Personal site;
  • Personal blog;
  • Social networks;
  • Book trailers.

Free Libraries

The audience today prefers to consume literature on electronic devices. This fact cannot be ignored by contemporary writers. People read online or download texts and upload them to a variety of gadgets. Moreover, most do it for free, using numerous legal and not very Internet libraries.

Of course, many young prose writers and poets want to immediately get rich on their work, and not offer it for free. But it is advisable to temper ambitions and put your debut creations in open free access. And having found the first fans, you can think about the financial side of the issue.

Library services usually post new items on the home page. A great chance to attract the attention of thousands of potential readers! Over time, if you like your work, you will start to monetize your creativity. You can start a paid draft subscription or sell eBooks after reviewing the free snippet. It is possible that publishers will turn their attention to you. They often find new talent among online library authors and publish them on paper.

Your site

Many writers have a personal Internet portal, both already established and beginners. Various services allow you to do it yourself and practically for free. You will have to pay only for hosting for the site to appear on the Web. Also, a fee is taken for using the service. You can immediately purchase an annual subscription or deposit the required amount monthly.

On your own resource, you can start vigorous activity. Publish new works or excerpts from them, open an online store and sell books directly, create a forum for communication and a blog. There seems to be no better way to promote your prose or poetic masterpieces. However, it will be difficult for young creators, whose names are not yet familiar to the general public, to manage the portal, promote it and attract an audience.

Your blog

Instead of messing around with the site, start a writing blog. Famous authors, bloggers and the writers who provide ghostwriting services do the same. Posts in such an online diary can be voluminous or very short. Tell subscribers how the next project is progressing, publish especially intriguing fragments of the manuscript. And most importantly, regularly maintain the interest of the audience, write to the online diary constantly.

On the Internet, books can be promoted not only through your blog. Why not reach out to book bloggers?! It is quite possible to find on the Internet addicted people who write or shoot videos about books. Scribe bloggers work in a variety of formats, from LiveJournal to Youtube. Their audience is small, but loyal. Invite a blogger whose creative style appeals to you to read your creation and write a review on it. Agree to have a separate video or post about the book. This way of promoting can be very effective.

Social networks

Social networks give great opportunities for the promotion of literary works. It is important for a writer to get closer to those for whom he writes a book. In the art of the 21st century, there is practically no border between the audience and the author. Creating a community on social media will help you connect with readers and promote your book also.

Moreover, there are a huge number of communities on social media related to writing and reading. Some of them unite tens of thousands of users, among whom you can perfectly promote your creativity. But do not immediately bombard discussions and comments with offers to buy a book. Discuss, share opinions, try to generate interest. Although you can immediately leave a paid advertising publication by contacting the community administration.

Book trailers

Promotion of a book on the Internet is also possible with the help of a book trailer. It is done by analogy with a video clip for a movie or television series. Its purpose is to advertise a literary work.

Most often, a book trailer is an annotation. It can also convey the atmosphere of the book or talk about its characters. It all depends on your imagination. The video clip is created in any artistic form, using drawings and photographs or in the form of a cartoon. You can make a game trailer with invited actors, professionals or amateurs. The main thing is to intrigue, convince the audience to read the book.

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