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How to save money on Mobile Data

We all use Internet
on our Mobile Phones but don’t know what’s eating up monthly data allowance? Here
I’m telling some tricks to control Mobile Data consumption.
Ways to control data consumption
Disable unwanted Push Notifications: Push notifications eats lots of data
especially social networking apps. Smartphone owners can disable notifications
of apps which is not that much urgent. You can do this by go through system
Track data usage: In Android and IOS you can track data usage
of each apps to know which app eats more data, you can even disable background
data. You can do this by go through system setting and tap Data usage.
Stop auto download on whatsapp: as a whatsapp user you will be part of group
and in group receives lot of media files such as: images, videos and audio,
whenever you receive these items it automatically downloads ad lots of data
consumes. You can disable auto download for videos and audios choose auto
download only when phone connected with wifi.
Offline entertainment: If you watch lots of videos or stream songs
online will eats lot of Mobile data. You can subscribe to a paid service of
music streaming and sync your favourite tracks while connected to wifi. Youtube
also provide temporarily download music videos from most popular Indian record
label for the period of 48 hours.
Data compression: If you read lots of online articles then you
should enable compression of your Mobile browser. Google chrome offers Reduce
Data Usage setting to make the size of the web pages you visits smaller Google
Opera offers data
saving and data management app which will compress videos and images from apps
and web pages.
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