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Huawei UX executive producer wayne Goodrich speak about the future of UX

Wayne Goodrich, the executive producer of Huawei UX program speaks about the future of UX.


The future of Earth is AI (Artificial Intelligence). The Smartphone is also getting it’s part including AI as it’s next guide line. Each and every company working heavily to improve UX which is called User experience. AI like Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana and Siri is all in the base line of AI.It deals with the program with basic interface to users.


Huawei has recently announced of it’s full fledged AI smartphone to be unvieled next month. This shows the future of Smartphone rises on the AI platform. The Huawei future release will have Kirin 970 Chipset with in-built AI to it’s program.

“These systems have to be adaptive. We as humans change our minds all the time, and a lot of the services in AI and eventually AR are going to have to be responsive to us. The user experience is very trivial. I want to engage or I don’t want to engage. The next time you engage with it, it may be a little different.” Said Goodrich.


AI is quite complicated, in terms of programming. Many companies come forward to step inside the AI field.Only a few comes with best results. Huawei is on it’s path to improve the future of Smartphone- AI. The issue is the ability to learn something new in human is a big time frame.but machine learns it in short span.accuracy should be at top notch to prevent mistakes.


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Via: Android Authority

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