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Impacts VR going to have on gaming in 2019

A decade ago, the idea of a three-dimensional world made by using interactive hardware and software seemed to be an alien concept. However, today we are this very world of virtual reality have gone to the mainstream of many industries and is rapidly growing and progressing. According to a research conducted in the recent times, more than 171 million people could be using the VR hardware and software by the end of the year 2018, and VR games will be the key donor to this very concept.

VR tech integrating into the gaming industry

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VR tech has already won a significant marketplace in the gaming industry and is growing fast. It won’t be wrong to say that VR games have the potential to become the next big thing in the gaming industry.

VR games offer an integrated gaming experience. Although VR has not transformed the recent gaming setting, it is likely to be the lead appearance in the upcoming games and will revive some old titles.

Does the question be how precisely the virtual reality is going to change the face of the gaming industry?

As the world of graphic designing and the animation studio enhance their abilities to move forward with the new software programs and leap into the 2D and 3D graphics, game designers are preparing for the unique challenges and complications creating a fun VR game will bring.

Gaming, social behavior and the development of new technologies are interconnected. This connectedness is changing the way humans behave, experience different situations and widen our horizons. Along with that, it permits the game designers to develop new gaming experiences for the gamers.

Adopting the new technology and experimenting with it shine new paths and opportunities in the entertainment industry. Virtual reality, on the other hand, had opened an entirely new world where the game designers and narrators could take their experimentations to a new level and come up with something entertaining and engaging.

What is virtual reality?

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Virtual reality is a technology that eliminates all the distractions of the world, replacing it with the experiences that are not actually happening. It is something that seems real, but it is actually a machine making the user experience it. Your senses are engaged in experiencing a virtual or in simpler word an unreal world.

Four ways in which VR is going to change the gaming industry

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The impossible in reality is possible in the virtual reality:

The impossible in reality is possible in the virtual reality

VR enables our senses to experience the scene that is going on the device’s screen. It creates an imaginary world, which might be capable of breaking the boundaries of traditional education and learning. For example, children reading about a historical event will be actually able to experience what was going on in that time.

Simply put, you will be able to link yourself closely to your achievements, you could achieve for instance something that could result in visual muscle growth or medals.

In the gaming industry, games like storm land, puts you in the virtual body of an android, like Pixar’s Wall-E, who want to save the world from the bots trying to destroy it. You’ll be able to experience the fights and repeat the playthroughs to keep it fresh.

With Virtual reality, you are going to represent as enhanced self rather than just being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It lets us experience what we wouldn’t have ever thought of like being able to be a bot!

Bringing the scenes to life:

Bringing the scenes to life

As depicted by the name of the r=technology, virtual reality makes the surrounding appear to be alive. As it has more tools than a flat computer screen for games, it makes the gaming scenarios as real and mundane as possible.

In other words, you are a witness to what’s happening in the game at 360 degrees. On a computer screen, it is impossible to see what is around them. It does not have a 360 perspective, but virtual reality makes us feel like we are actually in the game and playing on its grounds.

A great example of it is the space junkies, which transports you to the space, strap a jetpack on your back, and you would have to fight your opponent in a zero gravity arena. This is something that does not go on actually in your surrounding but the VR device strapped around your eyes will make it appear to be alive. What is going to add to your experience is the zero gravity arena where you’re going to play the game.

This experience is something that a flat gaming screen will never be able to provide you. As the game designers create these types of games with the VR technology, it will make the gaming world more thrilling and exciting.

The importance of a central character:

The importance of a central character


As mentioned above, Virtual Reality is a tech that makes your gaming experience as real as possible. When sitting in front of a flat screen, you wouldn’t be able to know; you won’t be able to have that experience. Virtual reality doesn’t only enhance the surroundings in a 360 manner; it makes an instant connection between the character and the player.

Like a flat screen game, VR game is a floating camera, but the experience that you have while playing a VR game is far more real and authentic than what you experience while playing on the flat screen. It won’t be wrong to say that whatever you do and experience, your relationship with those events will be different from what you see on a flat screen.

An example of this type of game is “defector” where you’ll leap from the airplanes, pick thugs and smash them into the mirrors, drive cars, shoot guns, and chase the bad guy, like what you might have seen in the James Bond movie translated on an oculus touch controller. The point is that this VR game will actually let you experience being like James bond and jumping through airplanes.

Fostering social behaviors with synergetic gaming situations:

Fostering social behaviors with synergetic gaming situations

VR has the potential to create social experiences and solving the problems with the help of the team. Consider this, you are the player and have the VR headset on to see what’s going around. You know the puzzle, and your job is to tell your teammates what you are looking at in order to effectively solve the problem.

Although these situations of sharing information and collaborating with different skills is not a new thing, take astronauts, for instance; the idea is the people who go in space, no matter a man or a woman, they have to know the necessary skills to be good at everything including fixing a fundamental problem in the spacecraft. Think of a VR game player as an astronaut going on a spacewalk to carry out a specific mission. The people who are radioing the instructions to the astronaut, in this case, the game player, are just as essential part of the team as the astronaut.

In the gaming language, this kind of skills is called “asynchronous gameplay.” In this case, every different member of the team has different abilities and information which they all have to combine in order to solve a situation. This is what includes in the social experience of the VR gaming.

VR is just not a screen of the device attached to your head, its taking advantage of the fact that one user connected to the device is having a completely different perception as compared to the users or players around him or her have entirely different perceptions. One person who is linked with the device knows the situation and has to have the expertise to convey the information to the related team members who will look up in the manual and instruct the player to carry out the mission. There are many games which do not give the shared instructions, and the main game player has to share the information around him or her to the team.

Final verdict

Final verdict

Virtual Reality is the technology which is continuously under development and is augmenting the gaming world by enhancing the experiences of gamers and the social experiences of the team. On the other hand the designers have amazing opportunities to redefine the definition of what we think to be gaming by packaging more stories, emotions and meaning to something that people paly on a massive scale. Designers who depend solely upon their creativity and think outside the box, take VR technology to their advantage, promising to make the gaming platform even bigger and make an impact in the industry.

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