Importance of data loss prevention

Hacking is one of the biggest threats to important data. Most hackers are after confidential files of companies and sometimes even governments. In today’s world, safety is a requirement and hard to get. Important files stored in a computer’s database can easily be accessed by cyber criminals if not properly secured putting your business at a great risk; confidential reports, business transactions, and personal information may reach your competitors.

To further drive the point, three years ago, LifeWise’s database were attacked by cyber criminals- a devastating news for many. Personal information like SSNs, bank accounts, addresses, and names were exposed putting lives at risks. It had a huge negative impact on LifeWise- they lost some of their clients, they lost company earnings, and their reputation was affected.

Investing in data loss prevention is the best investment you can have for your business. Its role is to identify, monitor and protect numerous data stored in your devices. Securing your computers and other devices is a bit more complicated than just installing firewalls and anti-viruses. Organizations take data loss very seriously as cyber thieves get smarter every day. Let Ambient IT Solutions save you the trouble.

Disadvantages of Security Breach and Data Loss

THEFT: Hackers target proprietary information so they can sell your ideas and plans to your competitors and this alone is a massive disadvantage to your business. Not only proprietary information is targeted but including personal information like bank accounts, Social Security Numbers, address, email addresses and names are hacked by thieves to use at their disposal.

LAWSUITS: Many businesses have been sued due to information exposed by cyber criminals. Not only the businesses proprietary information was leaked out but also important client information was sold to third party hackers leading to identity theft.

LOST REVENUE: Once a hacker gets inside a company’s database, if that operation doesn’t fix the issue, revenue is sure to be lost. This includes charges that may arise against your business like lawsuits and compensation.

TARNISHED REPUTATION: Studies show that the company’s stock prices fall when a data breach has occurred compromising a company’s reputation including its partners and other brands which again causes a fortune. The trust bestowed by customers is easily reduced, tarnishing a company’s reputation. Potential business partners may also opt for other businesses to work with.

Hiring an IT team to deal with your storage security is to your advantage. Plus, here are a few perks:

  1. Monitor the location and usage of data and prevent unnecessary access to certain sites
  2. Edit the access of certain employees to avoid leakage of important information
  3. Certain events may be captured and saved for future use
  4. Encryption of confidential data for added security

For security and other data security needs, your best option is Ambient IT Solutions. Ambient IT Solutions have been dealing with both small and large companies for years to enhance their security and fight off cyber criminals. Based in Portland Oregon, this IT company have partnered with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco amongst others to better provide the best services for their clients.

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