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Innovative Android Games That Are Top on Google Play Store {July 2018}

Android developers have tremendously taken over the place in the market by introducing captivating android games on Google play store. Now you don’t need to keep heavy desktop computers in home to play games. About a decade ago, people used to spend a lot of money on playing computer games. They spent heavy money on buying CDs and DVD players. In addition, people had to visit CD or games shop first to avail of those games. Google Play Store made the lives of people easier who are a diehard fan of games. Unlike computer games, android games give you the opportunity to play games anywhere you want instead of only at home. Whether you want to pass recess time of your school or want to pass time waiting for your friend in a restaurant, android games would help you best to pass your time.

It doesn’t matter what’s your age, whether you are an adult doing job with tough schedule or university student, android games are diverse in their category which are appropriate for everyone. There are hundreds of android games released every month in each category. Android games developers try their best to appeal and please every kind of audience rather than only a specific audience. This is the significant reason of their top place in the market as their games are played by any age affiliated with any profession.   There are thousands of games available on the Google play store which are free of cost which means they are made affordable to every class in society. You just have to spend little money on buying an android mobile only once and get yourself entertained from thousands of astonishing features on Google play store at free of cost.   There also exist many games which are bought by just spending a few cents.  Here are some of the highly top rated of 2018 discussed below which you must not resist to play.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Nowadays, this game is becoming immensely popular among adventurous gamers. You will be encountered to explore the world of fifteenth final fantasy. You will have to cover whole journey consisting of total 10 chapters. The journey becomes more captivating with excellent graphics as you move towards higher chapters. It is based on tale of the king who is acknowledged as the savior to the stars and brings peace. The whole journey contains exceptionally wonderful graphics which stimulates the interests of gamers.

Shadow Gun Legends

This game is particularly published for those people who want to fight as courageous and brave soldiers and save mankind. The main objective of this game is to save people from the invasion of aliens. Aliens have seized the place of civilians and you will be involved in fighting from aliens and save people from the horrific invasion of aliens. You will experience most enhanced gear systems of mobile gaming while playing this game.  You will be able to express your unique personality and get plenty of exciting rewards. You can get the chance to build your own statue on walk of fame. You can get up to 500 lethal weapons and more than 100 armor pieces.

Pokémon Quest

This game is jointly published by Nintendo and Pokémon Company. It is an action plus adventurous game which allows you to make a team of adorable cube shaped Pokémon to explore Tumble Cube Island. You will find different areas located in island and each area consists of various stages. You will be able to take three cube shaped Pokémon along with you on each area and get plenty of ingredients like power star and XP. You will also get the chance to return your camp to equip your team with power stars.



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