Intel launches 8th generation Core processors
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Intel launches 8th generation Core processors

Intel the popular processor makers has announced its 8th generation Core processors, with the latest processors the company promise that it will offer up to a 40% boost in speed. The improvement is happened because the chip has two extra cores, with all four 8 gen models offering four cores and eight threads.


The new generation chips will work things in a different way, with other generations. Till now Intel has either used generational steps for introducing new chip architecture or to offer an improved version of the previous generations architecture. However, with the 8th generation chips company is doing a mixture of both.


Which means the new generation chips are a refreshed version of the Kaby Lake architecture which produced the 7th generation processor, but later releases in the 8th generation and it will offer the upcoming 14++ and 10nm technologies.


The new processors are capable to handle 4K video, VR, 3D and more, it is integrated with HD 620 graphics built into the last generation of U Series processors. Which is also rebranded to reflect that the new change in focus as UHD 620 graphics.


Speaking about the availability of the new chips, Intel says that first laptops with the 8th generation chips will be available from OEM partners starting in September. So, let’s wait and see the new generation of processors.


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Via: Extreme Tech

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