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In times like these, the retail shopping businesses have reported a drop in their sales by 21.6% and online sales have had a rise of 21.2%. According to certain reports the people are willing to try the new web-based e-commerce platforms rather than shopping in stores. So in times of Covid-19 where the online sales seem to be increasing, the retailers and e-tailers need to keep their website in a state where the users can have a great shopping experience. This is where eCommerce web development agencies come into action, they help you make your website and step into the future of eCommerce.

Five things can be done to keep your website ready for user flow

  • Mobile website: Most people use their phones to access the internet, so if your website is not mobile-ready, this could lead to a loss in sales. There are various ways and tools which can be used.

Google Mobile Friendly Test and Opening your website on phone are the two ways by which you can ensure that your website lives up to the expectations of the users. By using these tools you can get your website viewed on a mobile device and the screenshot of the website is provided, you can judge accordingly if you like the appearance of your website.


  • Website speed: With users being accustomed to greater internet speeds and fast devices no one wants to come across a slow loading website. Some ways can be used to create a fast website like lowering the image size, Browser caching, and a better hosting platform makes you take a great leap to create an ideal website.

Browser caching is when a part of the webpage is stored in the memory of the computer so that the next time the user visits the webpage the whole document is not downloaded again.


  • Reviews of the products: Product reviews are a must in today’s age as people don’t trust the product description as well as the images given on the website. The best way to create trust among your customers is by encouraging them to leave reviews of the products that they have purchased. If your product is low on reviews this could lead to a decrease in sales so ensure that the customers do their part by reviewing the product and show others that the product stands up to the quality standards. You also need to separate the real reviews from fake ones by verifying the customers and order id.


  • High-Quality Images: The images which are posted for your product should be high quality as the people would like to experience the product fully from the comfort of their home. The images should be of high resolution and there should be multiple angles from which the images are clicked, the more the images the better it is, as the people will trust your product more. The different backgrounds, as well as specifications of the product also count as important as the people can fully have an idea about how it would look in their home.


  • Setting up your products for Google Search: This is done to ensure that your product shows up when a customer searches the product’s keyword. Google search is the best option for your product to ensure the best sales figures. The product should be present in the markup language that is used by other products. The product description should match with similar products and should contain all the specifications in the form of Name, Image, Price, Currency, and Availability. This would ensure that your product would be in the top searches and thereby ensuring good customer flow to your website.

These are the steps that you can use to improve your website as well as enhance the user experience. These steps seem cumbersome for a business owner therefore you can hire an eCommerce web development agency to solve your website issues. The agency provides you 24/7 support, Payment Processing, Digital marketing, and Inventory Management. So create your website and step into the future by starting an eCommerce business as more and more people prefer it as their primary shopping destination. Your website will not only help you improve your overall sales but also create your brand and improve the overall shopping experience for the customer.




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