Know about best features of iPhone app development
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Know about best features of iPhone app development

Phone revolutionised the entire smartphone industry when Steve Jobs introduced in his famous presentation which took the entire world by surprise. It is imminent that the entire smartphone market will change in years to come owing to the unique features and functionalities of iPhone. With the increased adoption of iPhone by users worldwide, the iPhone app development also boomed. It was expected to have a wide range of iPhone apps developed for the millions of users of iPhones. In recent times, Apple introduced new features and technologies which have led to transition among the iPhone apps. Let’s look at the best features of iPhone app development and recent trends emerging.

  1. Introduction of SiriKit

Apps now provide transaction features through the voice control of Siri. It is quite useful in case of banking apps since the users can easily ask the Siri to initiate transfer of money, view the balance, or even pay their utility bills. Also, Siri can also pull up the different lists, like shopping and grocery lists within apps meant for retail. It is quite clear that the voice is slowly becoming a vital interface which offers the users with great advantages. The notion of having a personal assistant to assist in tackling daily tasks and becoming much more appealing to the users. AI integrations have also been quite influential in iPhone app developed for many years. Supporting SiriKit needs to be provided higher priority for the developers as voice integrations are growing in demand.

  1. CoreML- The Machine Learning Framework

Apple has been focusing on the machine learning in its latest iPhones and making it easier for the developers to join in with this particularly new technology. In the recently released iOS 11, there have been multiple additions to the CoreML and vision frameworks. CoreML is the toolkit which makes it quite easier for the developers to integrate machine learning into their apps easily. This new framework is designed to support a wide range of models rather than merely examining the images. Apple as focused on CoreML to run particularly on their devices with products like the Camera and Siri. This particular focus on machine learning is leading to a whole new class of iPhone apps.

  1. Augmented Reality- The ARKit

It is a toolkit which is developed for the developers to allow their apps to have an augmented reality framework. It provides the apps with the ability to utilise the computer vision for the purpose of object recognition as well as virtual objects which are displayed to the users. An iPhone app development company USA can cater to the demands of the growing number of interested iPhone users.

  1. App Store Page for Products

Among most prominent features of iOS 11 is the newly redesigned App Store, with a new product page that allows the marketers and developers with a completely fresh method to market their own apps by showcasing app features as well as usability. In case of App name, the developers are provided with the opportunity to insert valuable keywords into the name of the app. However, this has become more restricted. Hence it is vital to pick the correct primary target keyword to be included in the app name. In the app name, it should be directly related to the app’s purpose, and in case it isn’t the case, the app may get rejected from the App Store. In case of Subtitles, the app subtitles allow the developers to communicate their value proposition as a particular extension of the app name. The app subtitle now appears below the name of the app throughout the App Store. Certain changes have been made to the App Store displays, and it also handles ratings and reviews which are given higher importance.

Developers will easily be able to find whether to reset the average app rating. This allows the developers to completely erase any bad ratings such that they can effectively reflect the existing quality of the app. Also, the developer can ensure that the app is functioning correctly without any bugs before the developer asks for rating.

  1. Improved Push Notifications

With the iOS 11, the iPhone apps now allow the users to engage with the notifications while their devices are still on the lock screen. The users can now easily like or even comment on the videos or photos without requiring to open the app. In few cases, the users can also make different notifications private. It is taking the user experience way beyond the apps, which allows the user to engage with the existing app content without having to open the app.

  1. Apple Pay

It is a great new feature which is introduced in iOS 11. Like Samsung Pay, it allows the users to transfer money to family and friends. The users can now easily open the Apple Pay via the Messages app and then send the money from credit or debit cards.

  1. Introduction of Business Chat

It the new iMessage app introduced in iOS 11, the users can make appointments, shop and even receive customer service. This allows the users to comprehensively interact with the businesses on a real-time basis and also addressing the demand for personalised customer service. However, Apple doesn’t need businesses to have their own social media account. The customers can easily search for any business in iOS through Maps, Safari or Siri and from any of these specified services. They can also open iMessage and then chat with the businesses.

  1. Advantageous Drag and Drop

The major advantage of Drag and Drop is to help the users with the purpose of multi-tasking. The users can easily move the content within the apps or between the different apps while utilising their other hand to manipulate the apps while dragging easily. The users can also use the newly introduced dock system in order to activate other apps while on the mid-drag. Developers can now make anything draggable.


Apple’s latest features have enabled the developers to embark on a new journey of iPhone application development. With these features, they can develop more interactive and intuitive apps for the growing demands of the users. The future stores a surreal landscape for iPhone users where they will receive most scintillating apps.

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