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Lenovo confirms keynote event at IFA 2017 with a teaser image

The IFA event which happens every year and big companies showcases their upcoming products during the event, and today the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has confirmed about the keynote for the event. The event is scheduled for September 1, and it will be held in Germany’s capital Berlin.



The company will be hosting an event on August 31, which is a day before of the event i.e. September 1. The event will be a week long, and it will end on September 6. We don’t have information about the products which the company which showcase during the event, but I’m assuming that the company will showcase its subsidiary (which means the Motorola) G5S G5S Plus.


As I mentioned above IFA event is something big for the manufactures who produces different products, and because of that lot of other manufacturers will also showcase various products during the IFA 2017.


Are you excited for the event??? Share your thoughts for the event in the comment section below!


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