Let's Rebuild The God's Own Country - Kerala

Let’s Rebuild The God’s Own Country – Kerala

Kerala, one of the most popular states of the country, the state is popular for the beauty of nature and it attracts tourist from across the globe. Having said that, the state is not only popular for its natural beauty but also for the tradition as well as culture. Moreover, the people of Kerala is a perfect example of the unity and love. However, the state is now going through a very difficult stage, as the giant floods are affected the entire state and took away the thousands of lives and valuable earnings of the majority of people.

Let's Rebuild The God's Own Country - Kerala

That said, thousands of people are currently staying in relief camps which are running by the government of Kerala, the social organizations as well as some good hearted people. But that’s not a permanent solution, as now the people who are living in the relief camps have no place to move and some people can’t stay in their house because the flood destroyed filled the house with soil and the wastage.

And because of this unwanted wastage across here and there, the people of the state is now at the danger of diseases which can be spread. The authority already started to take precautions to stop such unwanted incidence, but it can be a success only if the people can eat and live in a clean area.

Well in this situation, we can only help the people of Kerala by giving a donation and by giving materials which are very urgent for their day to day life, So, I request to contribute your valuable donation to rebuild of the state like before. You guys can pay according to your wish and situation, as someone said that ‘Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean…’

How to give a donation?

If you are planning to help the people of the state by cash then you can contribute to the CM’s relief fund and if you want to help the people by giving the relief materials you can email us and we will contact you. You can find the button to contribute your valuable donation to the Chief Minister’s relief fund below! I believe that everyone will come forward and make the state like how it was popular, and I am sure that the people of the state can overcome this unwanted situation.

Donate to CM's fund


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