LG combines with Qualcomm to get 845 SOC under its G7

Qualcomm Schedules Event For Next-gen Flagship Chip

After its successful launch of flagship G6 with Snapdragon 821, LG shows  massive interest towards its next flagship G7. As Samsung picked Snapdragon 835 for its S8,LG works with Qualcomm to get improved SOC than any other smartphone features.




Reports are like the next – Gen SOC will be built on the 7nm process and expected to rock in performance. The “nm”  represents the distance between the transistors. So the more transistor u get in chip, the more u compute in short time.  Qualcomm did it step by step offering SOC’s on 16 nm, 14 nm ,10 nm (Snapdragon 835) .The 845 SOC comes with new Cortex – A75 and Cortex – A55 which relies  on big . LITTLE architecture doesn’t leave behind in performance and energy efficient.



The new chip will also allow smartphones to deliver improved virtual and augmented reality features. with an “industry official” saying: “The adoption of the Snapdragon 845 for LG’s next flagship phone seems inevitable, considering the emerging virtual reality and augmented reality solutions require more powerful data processing capability”.


The same sources have previously reported that Samsung and Qualcomm are also working together on the Snapdragon 845 chip, and that it will feature in 2018’s Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone.



And one point to remember is Qualcomm actually designs the chip,and doesn’t fabricate by itself. last time it joined with Samsung on getting Snapdragon 835 SOC and succeeded in, this time Qualcomm works with LG  powering its next flagship G7.




  • OLED screen.
  • Curved screen option.
  • Removable battery.
  • Wireless charging.

But we won’t know the truth until  LG & Qualcomm announces it officially. If this happens then LG will probably launch its G7 smartphone after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9. Lets wait for the flagship 2018 .


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Source: The Investor

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