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Magic And Wearable Nature Of Mobile Technology

Over the last decade the growth of mobile technology has been significant and you can see almost every person using a mobile phone to access websites to gather all sorts of information. In addition to that, you will see today that almost every business is more focused on making the best use of this mobile technology. They are constantly on the lookout for the best ways to motivate and put their workforce in the best possible way.

The best way to use your workforce is by connectingthe new mobile technology and the changing workforce to accommodate and to keep collaborating with the technology that is always on-the-go.

Since every tangible thing in this world is more or less digitized, saving the human emotions as of now, people especially the business owners simply have a new expectation for tools, technology and software. There are varied reasons for this and all of these are good ones.

  • People now want these tools that will enable them to have access to the same type of data universally
  • Employees also want to have access to files as easily using their smartphonesas they could by using their desktop in the office and
  • Business leaders want these tools so that they can lead the way and implement this new technology solution that will enable them to attract and retain the workforce that will in turn benefit their business on the whole.

That is just the way it is, if you put it in simple terms. If you consider thing a bit more deeply then you will see how this new mobile technology is also ultimatelycreating a better workforce that is more productive, more knowledgeable, more collaborative and of course more engaged.

Devices of today

When you take a look at the mobile devices of today you will feel that it is especially designed for today’s workforce. It is due to the simplicity and usability of these devices that you will see an increased use of multiple mobile devices today to get any work done.

It is a common trend noticed among the employees to switch from using their desktop or laptop to mobile devices such as their tablet and their smartphones. Not only the employees, even people from all walks of life and profession use their mobile devices and this technology to access information related to weather, sports, current affairs, entertainment, online shopping and even for finding the best debt consolidation ratings if they want to deal with their multiple debts. However, this has a few good and bad effects such as:

  • These mobile devices have enabled them to use these devices numerous times throughout the day and get their job done at any time and from anywhere they want. It is seen through studies that more than 64% of people conduct some sort of work related to their office after their working hours from home.
  • The new mobile technology has increased the flexibility of the mobile devices making it faster and easier to work with which in turn is actually resulting in an increased productivity of the employees benefiting the business owner on the whole.
  • On the other hand, such continual involvement with their mobile has somewhat blurred the line of distinction between their personal life and work.
  • Moreover, almost all employees use their personal mobile devices for their work purposes and not all of such uses are known to the management team of the company.

As far as productivity is concerned, this new mobile technology is a welcome trend but as far as safety and security of business is concerned, anywhere and anytime access of company data and files to theemployees today, it can create a spot of bother for the companies. However, there are useful and effective solutions to deal with this. You can implement a BYOD policy which will help you to accommodate this new trend in a better, more productive and safer way.

The wearable technology

Just like tablets and smartphones and tablets, this wearable technology has shifted from the workplace to the consumers’ world and into the enterprise world. There are lots of new devices and wearable tech that have come up and made life easy for the consumers such as:

  • Smart watches
  • Smart TVs and
  • Smart glasses.

There are lots of other popular forms of wearable tech currently available in the market. The popularity of these devices has been reasoned by a recent Rackspace study that found that:

  • More than 47% of people using wearable technology felt these are more intelligent
  • More than 61% of them felt that they are more informed and
  • More than 37% of the users stated that this wearable technology has enabled them to develop their career.

Such is the magic of mobile technology and it is showing no signs of going anywhere except northwards in its popularity and usage. However, this technology is not without any hype. Few experts even feel that:

  • Such wearable technology will probably fail and the rate of its use will fall at a certain point of time.
  • They also feel that only those technologies that will go through the necessary development stage will remain standing and prove to be beneficial in the workplace.
  • This will enable the workers to operate hands free, provide faster access to data on real time basis and ultimately increase productivity and provide a better and improved on the spot customer service.
  • Since technology will continue to develop as it is destined to, it will seamlessly merge into the daily routine of the workers.

However, just as all those different devices and technologies before, the user experience is perhaps the most important aspect to focus on while developing this technology. It is only then the developers of this mobile technology will be able to retain its magic of these increasingly important devices thereby creating a more insightful, simplified and meaningful experience for the users. For more please visit at

Therefore, there is no doubt that mobile technology and cloud will continue to impact the business world and shape the future of it.


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