What makes Amazon work
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What makes Amazon work?

Like most businesses, Amazon started small, selling books at first. Today, it is one of the biggest online retailer in the world, a titan of e-commerce, payments, data storage, media, and logistics. For many customers all over the globe, it is the go-to site when it comes to online shopping, stocking millions of products in hundreds of categories.

It is difficult to imagine how big the company really is, but just take a look at how many customers and sellers the online giant has and you’ll be amazed with how much money it makes.



Part of Amazon’s success comes from its complex logistics empire. The company promises free shipping for all Amazon Prime customers and even free 2 hour shipping in certain cities on certain products. This is a massive feat to achieve, and very few other online companies have the logistics worked out to be able to achieve this.

Their delivery infrastructure is complex, with over 150 warehouses, many sorting houses and local package delivery stations, hubs for the 2 hour prime deliveries and various other infrastructures.


Amazon Prime

At the heart of the business is the Amazon Prime service. This was offered to customers back in 2005, a very hectic time for the company. 10 years later, Prime is a billion-dollar money maker for the company and offers many perks to the customer.

As well as the free shipping, customers can get their hands on expanded music streaming without adverts, a video service, free photo storage and e-books and various other benefits.


Cloud Services

As well as retail, Amazon has a cloud service named Amazon Web Services. It serves millions of customers, a number that is steadily increasing. It provides the company with a huge expansion in its profits. In addition to file storage, it also rents out the use of its software and servers to others. This service makes Amazon very attractive to startups.


Hardware Products

As well as selling millions of goods from other sellers, it has also created a product line of its own. In 2007, Amazon launched Kindle, its own e-book reader. This product is based on the revolutionary e-paper technology. Millions of these devices have now been sold and over the years, many other products have been developed such as the Kindle Fire Tablet and Amazon Echo.


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