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A man got success with his Passion

Passion is something which always leads us, to gain something in our life. As everyone knows without passion no one can achieve anything in their life, and if you go behind your passion and do hard work, then success will definitely reach on your foot. We have seen many examples about the successful life who has achieved by doing their favourite things and going behind their passion, but today I am going to introduce a person who has shown as that a common man can even enter into a place, where we all dream to get our name to be displayed.


Akhil G got success with his Passion - Technobugg


Akhil G, a technological blogger who has achieved a big milestone in his life. As he has found a bug and reported it to the Mountain View company Google, and the company has accepted his founding and listed him into the Hall Of Fame page. Akhil is a guy who represents every common man, as he does not belong to a big family. he is a part of a middle-class family of Kerala’s small village called Marudhamalai, which is located in Thiruvananthapuram. He is a son of an auto driver, and you understand the liquidity of income of such a person. But he shows us that, if you have the hunger for something big then no limitations will restrict by his success.


He studied Chemistry at the university college of Thiruvananthapuram, but he could not settle with the chemistry as he spends the time to learn programming and in that way, he could able to find the bug of Google which changes his life. As I know him personally, he works really hard, he worked day and night for almost 9 months to find out the bug.


What did he find?


He found out that with cross-site scripting, anyone can access a user’s logged-in app sessions and data easily without the user’s permission. And this is really a massive threat for the millions of Google users, and to avoid any misusing with this critical loophole, he immediately reported about this via the Vulnerability Reward Program. And then a team of security specialist of Google evaluated his finding, and Honour him by including into the Google’s Hall of Fame page.


Akhil G got success with his Passion - Technobugg


Actually, the problem of cross-site scripting was on Google’s apigee website, which provides API management and predictive analytics software. The Apigee was found in 2004, but it was acquired by the Mountain View company Google in 2016, for $625 million.


So, here is the best example for every common man that you can able to achieve in your life even if you have lots of limitations in front of you. Moreover, Akhil also gives a good lesson to many youngsters out there. As Don’t waste your life by doing unwanted activities but convert your talent into your passion and it will definitely give you guys a huge success in your life.


Congratulations to Akhil, from the whole team of Technobugg.


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