Managed IT Services – The Future of IT Solutions in West Palm Beach

There could be a hundred other things you’re doing right now, but you find yourself here, working on an IT problem. If that isn’t the case and you have in-house technicians stationed, you’ll still see the end-of-shift report saying it took them too long to fix said problem and thus neglected their daily tasks. In both scenarios, you’re in the losing team, and no business owner wants to be in that team, ever.

Surprisingly, you aren’t the only one facing this dilemma whenever something breaks. You either have to fix it yourself, let your in-house technicians handle it, or worse comes to worst, you have to hire a “break-fix” technician. They charge by the hour, while some even charge for special tools and parts used, pre/post consultation, or an installation fee. Because of this uneconomical solution, some companies have thought out another efficient way to tackle this problem, and that is through Managed IT Services.

What Is Managed IT Services?

Managed services are the act of giving over a specific responsibility to an outsourced service provider. This company will be accountable for the maintenance and anticipation of the needs of your business, depending on which responsibility you require from them. Now, Managed IT services can be defined as outsourcing unlimited IT services with vast amounts of fields being covered like network care, administration, and cloud back-up. Check out this blog post for an in-depth definition. Either way is correct in describing what kind of service this is.

Many businesses, big and small, have considered using this service. In fact, it has become a bandwagon for anyone to join in and has been a trend lately for those valuing efficiency and time in their companies. If you ask any of them, they may have a few varied reasons, but some similarities still stand-out. Below are some of them.

4 Main Reasons To Get Managed IT Services

  1. In The Hands Of Professionals

The outsourced services aren’t just rookies in college. Only certified, qualified, and expert people are working together in handling the technical side of things. It’s the 21st century, and technology is currently in the golden age, especially with everyone now online due to the pandemic. Waiting for a problem to arise and wreak havoc to your systems is already a stone-age problem.

If an email or chat service suddenly goes down, it becomes a bigger problem than how it appears on paper. Revenues plummet, and customers tend to shy away from inconsistent customer service. But with managed IT services, you’ll be able to dodge this bullet of a problem. That’s why hiring one stationed in West Palm Beach can help your company keep up with competition and ensure sales rise continuously. Discard the break/fix method we’ve used for more than a century and say hello to the modern solution.

  1. Safe And Efficient 

Cybercrime evolves with technology, and the more it moves forward in modern time, so does its counterpart. Safety might be your priority since the beginning, and thinking of getting a service unrelated to your company increases the risk of breaches of security, but that is where you are wrong.

Because they are holding your systems in their hands, MSPs double down on security because they need to follow safety regulations, making them more capable of avoiding safety risks than in-house teams. Certainly, it has transcended beyond the break/fix service, and according to the article found here:, has even completely replaced it. Its long service time, costly fees, and the sole purpose of “fixing” something and not much else has phased out from the IT world.

  1. Fees Become Savings

Having managed IT services in joint management not only saves you time and helps you focus on the core of your business, but it also turns what might have been fees to your break/fix technician into savings. Managed IT services are paid monthly, but with that, their services entail more than just fixing what is broken. They also become managers and admins that work in your best interest, making sure your systems are always up to date.

Is It Time?

This question still stands for many businesses that doubt the new service. With how fast trends arrive and disappear, you might think this is one of those fleeting, hyped-up fads. Managed IT services have a lot of potentials, and based on how it has niche itself into the IT domain, it will stick around and maybe even become the future of IT management

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