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Almost everyone has come across a situation when it is necessary to sign a document that is not at hand now. Sometimes, it is really important to do it quickly. And you have to drop everything, go for the necessary papers, and then pay a courier for delivery to a recipient. Perhaps, many people wonder how to sign a document remotely, and some of them have even looked for special programs. But it doesn’t sit well: there are either no necessary functions or no reasonable price. However, the prayers were answered, and in 2011, a solution to all these problems entered the market — electronic signature by SignNow.

In fact, SignNow is not just an electronic signature. It is a portable office that fits into your mobile phone or tablet. You can send documents by mail so that your partner can sign them, and the application will store your documents for quick access to them.

The program has an intuitive interface, so it will be convenient to work with it even for those who are used to dealing with paper documentation only.

Technology keeps up with the times, and you shouldn’t stand aside. Give up mountains of papers and register in the application.

First Impression

The website has a very nice design. Since there is nothing superfluous and bright, the eyes do not get tired of working with the application for a long time. The app runs equally well on smartphones and computers, and this is a huge plus.

The pleasant offer “try the free version” immediately catches your eye. It is very convenient that you do not need to pay for using it right away. The company gives time to decide whether their product is suitable for users and whether they want to continue the cooperation.


SignNow’s Possibilities

As already stated, SignNow is not just a program for signatures — it promises much more. According to the developers, on average, it saves more than $800 per year and 40 hours for just one employee.

This is a real portable office. In the application, you can create document templates, manage contracts, conduct negotiations, and collect automatic payments. SignNow can import files from multiple sources and store them in the Documents folder.

It is very economical and even environmentally friendly. Reducing physical paper flow will have a positive impact on both your budget and the environment. And now you don’t have to waste time on printing and scanning.

How to Sign Papers

To affix a signature, you need to open a document, click on it, and select “sign”. Next, a screen will open where you will need to draw your signature. You can practice drawing as long as you like until you get a beautiful signature. You can also choose the color of the ink: black or blue.

Save your signature and use it for all documents. You can change the location of the signature in the document by dragging it with your finger.

Where Electronic Signatures Might Be Needed

An electronic signature is completely similar to the one that you put by hand. This means that they can be used absolutely everywhere:

  • writing electronic prescriptions and medical records;
  • forwarding e-reports to regulatory authorities;
  • submission of electronic applications;
  • registration of labor relations between an enterprise and a remote employee;
  • signing tax forms and reports;
  • and much more.

In recent years, the use of electronic signatures has expanded significantly.

The Cost

You can avail of a seven-day trial version to familiarize yourself with the program and understand if it suits you. After its completion, the program will not be available for free.

As for the cost of further use, it all depends on your needs. SignNow does not force you to buy services that are unnecessary for you. They have developed different service packages with different prices for your convenience.

In the last days of the subscription, it will be automatically renewed for the next month. If you no longer want to pay, then it is worth canceling your subscription before the renewal day.

Is It Safe?

SignNow has security certifications confirming its compliance with the GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC 2, CCPA, ESIGN, and UETA. These certificates prove the company’s serious attitude to the safety of its customers.

What helps protect your data:

  • All data is encrypted with a 256-bit algorithm.
  • The company constantly tests and maintains its disaster recovery plan so that in case of unforeseen circumstances, users do not feel any inconvenience.
  • SignNow has an audit trail that shows all document operations.
  • It is recommended to use two-factor authentication for greater security.

For more than 9 years of work, the personal data of SignNow’s clients have never fallen into the hands of malefactors. Otherwise, SignNow would not have been recognized as the number 1 e-signature application, and this can be verified.

Customer Support

SignNow is not a complicated program, and there should be no difficulties with using it. Nevertheless, if something goes wrong and you cannot figure it out, the company’s customer support team is here for you.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions are already published on the site, and you can find a solution to many problems yourself. If you still have questions, you can ask them in a special live chat or contact the support by mail. It works around the clock and will always be happy to help you solve any problem.

Summing Up

This application is really comfortable to use though it has some minor flaws. But despite this, SignNow is one of the best applications at the moment, which is confirmed by many positive reviews. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your data and can sign any important papers in a few clicks even being a hundred kilometers from the office. Now more and more organizations are transitioning from paper documents to digital ones. This is a step into the future without tons of unnecessary paperwork and wasted money.

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