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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Its Usage In Diverse Industries

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have expanded their usability and reach over the years. Large tech companies like Microsoft have found value in CRM systems and have developed Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 has been utilized by numerous companies across diverse industries and lead to the boom in developers highly skilled in developing and configuring such systems. Among these developers is the MS Dynamics programmers, an expert in all things Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why does companies or organization use Microsoft Dynamics 365? What value does such a platform add to your business?

Benefits of  Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Streamline business operational and administrative processes.
  • Optimizing business processes and transactions.
  • Access to centralized customer and business data and information.
  • Enable businesses to focus on establishing and maintaining strategic relationships.
  • A multi-faceted platform for productivity and efficiency.
  • Help leverage consumer relationships and sales lead to improve products and services.


Growing small businesses and/or established large companies looking to expand and scale their business benefit the most from implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their systems. Kelly Roofing, a second-generation business in Florida, has adopted this system and has seen the transformation that it has brought to their businesses. Gallup, a leader in analytics and research, found immediate results when they implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365. They have improved consumer engagement and gained an estimated 30% sales growth.

Industries Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been used by numerous companies in various industries. This only shows the applicability and adaptability of the system to any and kinds of business needs.


For financial institutions, they can leverage the tools of the platform and:

  • Improve information-based decision-making
  • Incorporate modern knowledge tools such as Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
  • Automating and streamlining financial transactions and processes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce global operational risks and process complexity


Companies such as Chemonics, Sanmar, 5.11, and Lippert Components have benefited from incorporating Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools.


For Sales departments and firms, they can utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to:

  • Improve productivity and consumer communication and engagement.
  • Enhance products and services with scalable and configurable tools.
  • Utilize learning and intelligence tools to improve sales and enhance marketing strategies.
  • Improve sales and seller coaching performance.

Ecolab, Accenture, RBC Financial Group, Visa, Adobe, and Berkshire Hathaway are only some of the companies that have benefited from the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Customer Service

Customer Service is among the most essential departments and industries in the market. To further enhance the customer service system, companies have leveraged Microsoft Dynamics 365 to achieve:

  • Customer-focused information-driven services and products. 
  • Provide sufficient tools for an efficient and effective team.
  • Streamlined and centralized agent and customer tools and experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers Dynamics Customer Service Professional, Customer Service Enterprise, and Messaging tools for customer engagement and communication. Companies like Accenture, HP, Visa, Adobe,  Crate&Barrel, and 24-hour Fitness have implemented the Dynamics 365 platform best fit for their business needs.


Marketing strategies and processes are a major driving force in accumulating sales for businesses. This is why it is imperative to have an efficient and effective marketing system that supports this and drives these strategies and processes. Dynamics 365 provides Marketing teams and firms with:

  • Tools for data and information-driven decision-making.
  • Adaptable, configurable, and scalable platform and tools.
  • Automated and streamlined sales and marketing customer experience.

Companies like Actum Digital, Northrop & Johnson, Microsoft, DHI, Vorne, and Broekman Logistics have reaped the benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools for their marketing system.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is the backbone for any manufacturing and production company. The supply chain stretches from the acquisition of core materials to the completed purchase of a product. Ensuring that you have a reliable and efficient supply chain is essential in providing high-quality products and services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides:

  • Manufacturing process automation and innovation using mixed reality technology, IoT, and other modern technology and devices.
  • Warehouse management modernization and optimization.
  • Optimizing and enhancing production system performance and asset management
  • Centralize and automate supply chain management

Columbia, UPS, 5.11, Maersk, Majans, and Intimidator have utilized Microsoft Dynamics 365 in enhancing their supply chain management systems.


Retail and eCommerce are big markets nowadays. To be successful, companies need to have a reliable, scalable, and efficient systems to support business needs. CRM software like Microsoft dynamics 365 provides companies with a platform that:

  • Improve cross-platform consumer communication and engagement.
  • Build tools to enhance customer loyalty and consumer relationship.
  • Scalable and configurable end-to-end solutions for users.
  • Optimizes and centralizes retail processes and operations.
  • System security, as well as standards and policy compliance.

Businesses such as Columbia, Amtrak, Michael Hill, Lowe’s, UPS, and Dr. Martens have employed Dynamics 365 tools to augment and improve their systems.

Human Resources

HR ensures that all employees and teams work at their most efficient, and has secure benefits and support. Having an efficient system enables HR teams and employees to be more productive and effective in their roles and support the entire business better. Dynamics 365 provides HR teams with tools that:

  • Enhance employee and team experience.
  • Simplify HR programs like compensation, benefits, leaves, absences, training, and compliance programs.
  • Provide secure, scalable, and configurable HR solutions and tools.
  • Analysis-driven HR decision-making. 

Streamlining and Centralizing Operational Processes

CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a cross-industry scalable platform to digitize and centralize business processes. As mentioned, numerous industries have applied Dynamics 365 into their system and have found common benefits across industries. 

Why Should you use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  1. Enhance consumer engagement.
  2. Improve data and information-based decision-making.
  3. Modernize and centralize business operations and IT processes.
  4. Grow business more rapidly.
  5. Optimize resource and project management.
  6. Increase organizational productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Hire a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer

Given that there are benefits to using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools have several benefits, why should you hire a Microsoft Dynamics developer? Cost-wise, the average annual salary MS Dynamics developer has in the US is around $70,000


United States$70,000
CanadaC$70,650 ($52,360)
AustraliaAUD88,040 ($61,240)
Ukraine193,140₴ ($7,260)


So what can hiring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer add to your business?

  • Reduced operational and software maintenance costs. 
  • Better user and consumer training and capacity building.
  • More efficient and tailored CRM applications.
  • More efficient and effective system expansion and configuration.

Hiring a Microsoft Dynamics developer makes it even easier to customize, integrate, and learn how to use the Microsoft Dynamics platform. They can do most of the work for you, so you can focus more on improving your organization and adapting to the system.

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