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Microsoft office suite seems to be available for all Chromebooks

The one major problem with Google Chromebook was the lack of official Microsoft office support. When Google opened up the play store access to their laptop products, some of the Chromebook users were able to access the office suite while it was not available for few others.

This left Chromebook users in an absolutely uncomfortable situation. But a recent news confirms a scenario change. Following comments online that Microsoft Office was available on all Chromebooks with Google Play support, Chrome Unboxed has investigated the situation, confirming that it can be installed on a whole bunch of devices.

Neither Microsoft nor Google have had anything official to say about this just yet, and we don’t know for certain that it is open to every Chromebook product, but this does so far seem to be the case (and Microsoft had been working on wider support).

Microsoft’s office suite products such as Excel and PowerPoint., are immensely popular among their kind and it would have cost a plenty to Google had they said the office suite won’t be compatible with Chromebooks.

What do you think about this change? Let us know down below.


Source: Chrome Unboxed

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