Next to Wannacry Ransomware, Locky Ransomware threats india


After the massive hit by the Wannacry Ransomware attack, now the people behind this virus is back with new virus called Locky Ransomware. And now the CERT has issued a warning regarding the spread of the next cyber hit, Locky Ransomware in India.


The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has warned against the new cyber spam Locky Ransomware. The Wannacry Ransomware is well known by everyone as it showed its ability a few months ago in India. Many IT related field works got completely hanged due to the Wannacry Ransomware. Now it’s time for the next ransomware- Locky Ransomware. This Ransomware directly attacks the victim’s system and encrypts all the files in the system and demands a ransom to release the data.



CERT has said that over 23 million emails have been sent with the Locky Ransomware attached. The spam contains subjects like “please print”, “documents”, “photo”, “Images”, “scans” and “pictures”. These messages contain some Zip attachments with Visual Basic Scripts (VBS) attached which contains a downloader. The downloader moves to domain “greatesthits[dot]mygoldmusic[dot]com” to download Locky Ransomware.


The infected system will display file extensions like “[.]lukitus” or “[.]diablo6” and the variant is named to Locky. After encrypting the files the Ransomware demands a payment of 0.5 Bitcoins which is about Rs 1,51,171.


The best way to stay safe from Locky Ransomware is not to click any suspicious files which have the mentioned subject lines.It is also advised to take backup of some important and confidential data using an external storage device.


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Via: Digit