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Google Play Store Packed With 2000 Dangerous Apps

App update notifications were a great help to have control over the app for the users. Different Operating System has unique ways of methods to inform their major and minor updates across the apps and OS.

The gleaming advantage of android is, regardless of the critical Operating System updates, it upgrades its core applications regularly. Meanwhile, a lot of alterations will undergo silently as well. However, recent reports say, the regular Play store notification that has been receiving right after the successful app update is not popping up.

This change has been identified right after the launch of Play Store 17.4 (latest version). To figure out whether it is a bug or an intentional alteration made by the founders, several tech-members have tested and attested its validity. They all found that app update notification is clearly missing on the new version.

Followed by the new initiative several users raised concerns and got perplexed with the sudden change. But it seems Google decided to move forward with their new update and we can hope that they would be in the making of some control measures in some other forms in the further. Anyhow, we have to wait until a change has been detected.

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Written by Sojy SN


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