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Now Andy Rubin gives answer to Google Glass

After Essential Phone, Essential Home and Lighthouse, now Andy Rubin’s Essential is all set to give answer with smart glass which is similar product like Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles.



The patent of the Essential Smart Glasses has been discovered and it shows the pair of glasses, it would have one or more user facing camera built into them and one or more environment facing camera. The out facing cameras may be to capture photo or video, on the other hand the in facing camera may track eye movement.



According to the patent, these features could be conjunction with the glasses ‘dual mode’ display for AR purposes. ‘Based on the environment that the user sees, and based on the direction of the user’s gaze, the processor can display an image to augment the environment around the user’ says the patent. Moreover, the source also says that the glasses will be compatible with photosensitive lenses, sunglass lenses and prescription lenses.


Let’s wait for information about the Essential Smart Glasses, stay tuned with us.


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Source: Patently Apple

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