Now You Can See Your Photos On World Map

Now You Can See Your Photos On World Map

Photos are the very important factor of human life, it regenerates the memories and brings us back to the lane of old and beautiful memories which are alive in our heart like a fresh flower.

We always capture beautiful moments, whenever we go to a new place and modern smartphones come with highly advanced camera which allows us to capture the memories in the most beautiful way. The devices also allow us to add location tags in the pictures and this help to identify where a photo was taken.

But if you hadn’t organized the photos beforehand then it will not too easy to find the images, because you have to browse in the gallery app to find out the photo. And the most disappointing thing is even Google Photos does not allow users to find photos quickly with tags, even though it has the geotagging information.

However, today we have a piece of new information for those who love to find their photos quickly. An application called Photo Map, which will help users to locate photos on the world map and this will help them to find and remember the places where they spend their time with their near and dear ones.

How the app works

You need to connect the application with your Google Drive and that will access your files, which means Photo Map needs to read the EXIF tags to showcase your photos on the world map.

Privacy will be an issue

Having said that, I’m not sure how much it will safe to give access to a third-party developer to our personal and private Google Drive folders and images. But if you are a person who does not care about the privacy and the just want to see your photos on the world map, then this application will be a perfect companion for you.

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