OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Valuable Flagship Smartphone

OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Valuable Flagship Smartphone

If you bother with the choice of a flagship smartphone and have a fairly large budget, then OnePlus 7 Pro will be a great choice. This is the best smartphone that a Chinese company has ever released, though for the same reason its price is significantly higher than its predecessors. The novelty received an excellent display, powerful hardware, a triple camera, and loud stereo speakers. But as always, One Plus 7 Pro has its pros and cons, which we will talk about in a full review of the next flagship killer.


  • ₹48,999 for the 6/128 GB version;
  • ₹52,999 for the (8/256 GB) variant;
  • ₹57,999 for the (12/256 GB) option.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: In The Box

OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Valuable Flagship Smartphone

The hero of our review comes in a stylish cardboard box, inside of which the following contents await you:

  • Charger with a power of 30 watts;
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Silicone bumper;
  • A clip for removing the SIM card tray;
  • Message from the CEO of the company with gratitude for the selection of brand products.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Case Design

OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Valuable Flagship Smartphone

The cost of the phone has risen markedly, but the company is asking for this amount for a reason. The build quality of the case is impeccable – it is assembled from frosted glass Gorilla Glass 5, the back and front of which are connected by an aluminum frame.

There are several color options, but Nebula Blue looks the most beautiful – a dark blue gradient shade that shimmers beautifully when exposed to sunlight. The solution looks very beautiful, but much more restrained than in Huawei and Honor smartphones. The surface may be dull, but nevertheless it collects fingerprints very much. Although it is easy to remove them, which is facilitated by the presence of an oleophobic coating.

There are no cutouts above the screen. The manufacturer went further and proposed a retractable design, in which a selfie camera appears at the right time. When the camera is opened, a slight hum of the motor is heard, and this area is highlighted with a small blue stripe. According to the assurances of the brand’s engineers, the mechanism will withstand at least 300,000 open / close cycles. For greater reliability, there is a function to automatically close the camera when the phone falls. The design turned out to be very reliable, which was confirmed by the American blogger during the drop tests of the new product, where after a series of drops the retractable camera did not receive any damage.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Arrangement of elements

OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Valuable Flagship Smartphone


Bottom there was a place for the USB Type-C port, microphone, multimedia speaker and tray, where you can install two SIM-cards. Alas, the new product was abandoned from the 3.5 mm jack.

On the right, there is a power button and a three-position slider designed to switch the sound mode – normal, only vibration or no sound. This is the only brand, with the exception of Apple, which uses a similar mechanism. And it is justified, because it is very convenient.

On the left is the volume rocker. The keys are pressed nicely and have a dense stroke, which prevents accidental pressing in your pocket. A review of the OnePlus 7 Pro showed that they improved the vibration motor. It has become much more pleasant and is now not inferior to that in the “apple products”.

It would seem that everything is very good, but the gadget lacks a number of flagship functions. Among them, moisture protection and support for wireless charging. These two technologies still will not reach the flagship killer. At the same time, the company’s management has already assured of the development of its own wireless charging, which should become the fastest of all that currently exists on the market. It will be used in future generations of the flagship.

Moisture protection is officially absent, but as such it is. So, in the official Twitter account of the company, there is a post about how the phone can withstand the effects of immersion in a bucket of water for 30 minutes without consequences. Accordingly, the device is likely to survive exposure to rain or bathing, but the brand does not give any guarantees.

The OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone looks beautiful, but it turned out to be pretty slippery. Its back and display are curved at the edges, making the side frame seem too thin. True, this will not cause severe inconvenience, because most likely you will use a smartphone in a case. The dimensions of the case are large (162.6 x 76 x 8.8 mm) – this is the brand’s largest flagship, so you should not even count on what it will be convenient for them to use with one hand.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Display

OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Valuable Flagship Smartphone

A full review of Oneplus 7 Pro goes to the most interesting part – its screen, which is the main argument in the direction of buying a gadget. The flagship uses a 6.7-inch AMOLED matrix operating at a resolution of 1440 by 3120 pixels. In addition to high resolution, the display supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which gives the best gaming experience and slight superiority over rivals.

The screen is large, devoid of frames and cutouts. Its edges are rounded, which is the first time we see in the brand’s smartphones. They are very moderate, but slightly distort the white color, which repels many from such screens. At the same time, you encounter false clicks much less often than in the flagships of Samsung or Huawei.

The pixel density has grown to 516 per inch, which gives an incredibly clear and detailed image. This is especially noticeable when you look at fonts and application icons. In the settings, you can change the screen frequency, as well as switch between QHD and FHD resolution. In the latter case, less battery power will be consumed.

The 2K / 90 Hz mode consumes more energy, but nevertheless you do not want to turn it off. At a frequency of 90 Hz, the gameplay becomes as smooth as possible, just like the rendering of interface animations.

The picture looks vibrant, contrasting and saturated. You do not expect another from the AMOLED matrix in the modern flagship. In the settings you can select your preferred color profile:

  • sRGB;
  • NTSC
  • Display-P3;
  • Manually set the color temperature settings. In this way, a more natural or saturated image can be obtained.

The brightness margin is not as large as the latest flagships Samsung and Apple. With manual tuning it reaches 436 nits, with automatic tuning it reaches 616 nits. On a bright sunny day, the picture remains readable and only fades slightly. The minimum brightness is set at 0.3 nits, due to which the hero of our review is comfortable to use even in complete darkness. There is a reading mode with the possibility of inclusion on a schedule and only in certain programs.

What upset was the lack of the Always On Display feature. Instead, there is only automatic waking up of the display. It is worth taking the phone in your hand, as the screen is highlighted, showing missed notifications, hours and the current battery level.

The fingerprint scanner is located below the screen and has been greatly improved compared to the OnePlus 6T. He became three times faster and more accurate. Just put your finger on the designated area, as the OnePlus 7 Pro immediately unlocks.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Performance and Features


OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Valuable Flagship Smartphone

Specifications OnePlus 7 Pro correspond to the level of the best flagships of 2019. The system is based on the Snapdragon 855 processor with a 7-nm process technology, which is beneficial to performance while reducing energy efficiency. In its design there are eight cores:

  • 1 to 2.84 GHz;
  • 3 to 2.42 GHz;
  • 4 to 1.8 GHz.

A distinctive feature of the novelty is the use of built-in memory of UFS 3.0 format, which was not yet in any serial smartphone. It provides the best performance device. The write speed almost doubled from 193 to 381 Mb / s, the read speed from 728 to 1441 Mb / s. Combined with a 90 Hz display, this makes the OnePlus 7 Pro the fastest phone at the moment.

The device works flawlessly, coping with any applications and demanding games on the maximum schedule.

When buying, you need to responsibly approach the choice of modification, since the ability to install MicroSD is not provided. The memory can be 128 or 256 GB in combination with 6, 8 or 12 GB of RAM. Games like PUBG work great on maximum graphics at 2K resolution. Under loads, the case heats up a little, but not so much that throttling affects its performance.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Conclusion

Each new OnePlus smartphone is getting better than the previous one and the 7 Pro is no exception. The flagship is much more expensive than its predecessors, but its filling completely justifies the overpayment. This is a premium device with a unique screen, stable interface, top-end features, and cameras. It has all the same and even more than the more expensive flagships, so it will be a great alternative to any of them. The only thing the OnePlus 7 Pro never received was its moisture protection and wireless charging support. The manufacturer does not see them as necessary at the moment, although many users would find these options useful.

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OnePlus 7 Pro


Build & Design











  • Super screen with 2K resolution and a frequency of 90 Hz
  • Modern design
  • Fast in-display scanner
  • Speed ​​and top performance
  • The fastest internal memory on the market


  • No microSD slot
  • Wireless charging not supported
  • Officially there is no protection against water
  • There is no jack for a 3.5 mm headset

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