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OnePlus Released Their Annual Report Of 2017

Many smartphone OEMs are having ups and downs in their overall growth. This overall growth includes money profit, number of consumers added to the community, etc. There are some new OEMs as well who got huge success in short period of time. One of those brands is OnePlus. We all know that OnePlus is going tremendously from the date they debuted, especially in last 2 years. We all know that in 2017 OnePlus has grown up very much with OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. But how much they grew? Well, you will get the answers as OnePlus has released their annual report of 2017. So let’s have a look at the same.

According to the annual report, there are total 1,325,057 users across 183 countries around the Globe. Company’s revenue doubled up in 2017 to more than $1.4 Billion. They solved the total of 10,582,000 technical problems through their customer service. OnePlus phones are number 1 selling phones for Elisa, Finland’s top carrier service. They organized total 40 pop-up events across the Globe, and more than 19,400 people attended the event. OnePlus now has a total of 776 employees across 18 countries. Talking about OnePlus’s Open Beta support, there is total of 111,000 users who test latest updates and find bugs, and they have solved over 1,700 bugs that’s found by these Open Beta users.

So these are all major updates from OnePlus’s annual report of 2017. For detailed information, Click Here. Personally speaking, OnePlus deserves this growth. And we hope that OnePlus will continue to get this growth with the quality & aggressively priced phones in 2018 as well. But we also expect that OnePlus will avoid some issues like credit card security breaches and benchmark cheating. All the best to OnePlus. Stay tuned with us for more information.


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