Pokemon Go Gets Handy Features In The Latest Update

Pokemon Go 2018 revenue goes 35 percent more than 2017

The  2016 Smartphone game which came with an innovative catch on the go feature took two years to grab customers attention and revenue hits!

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When the game was launched it came across mixed reactions among users and society. The revenue information has been normal for the past two years, But according to a research firm Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go revenue in 2018 is $795 million which is roughly Rs. 5,600 crore!
The average is nearly $2.2 million per day in 2018. Earlier it was $1.6 million in 2017. The Pokemon Go game has player spending on Google Play and App Store exceed $75 million.

The report also suggests that Pokemon Go retains the growth record, It could easily surpass $3 billion in 2019. “Players in the United States spent the most in Pokemon Go last year, to the tune of $262 million or 33 percent of all gross revenue—the same percentage they contributed in 2017,” A post from Sensor Tower.

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