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The internet is a highly competitive marketplace. Everyone who is running a business on the internet must decide which tool they will be using in order to plan and execute a digital marketing campaign for their products. Website traffic can be generated through a number of sources. However, most business owners do not have a clue which tool or source best serves their particular business.

Another problem with the entrepreneur is that initially, they do not have large and impressive budgets for marketing compared to their bigger counterparts. Naturally, they are more inclined to cost-effective solutions. This is the particular reason why so many of these people choose SEO agency services.. Search engine Optimization costs less, yet its performance is at par with any other internet marketing tool.

However, once you have decided to focus on SEO, you will need to identify all the pros and cons associated with this concept.

In the article below, we will discuss these advantages and disadvantages of the SEO, and how it can allow you to reap its financial fruits. We will also discuss if you need search engine optimization marketing services from an experienced professional in this field.


Low Cost – High Yield source of advertisement over the internet

The number of yearly searches carried out on  Google numbers in trillions. This will roughly equal to around 6 million searches every day. With the help of SEO, you can find your way into this gigantic flow of free traffic flowing to and from search engines.

Here, free would mean that unlike conventional marketing channels, you will not be required to pay for the searches being carried out. Your cost of generating the content and building links will be significantly much lower than what you would be paying a newspaper or a magazine.

Provides Targeted Exposure

The main reason why people use a search engine is to find the resolution of an immediate issue or problem. When they are carrying out this search through the internet, they would click several links that keep popping up. The better part of these links belongs to the organic results returned by the search engine.

Another statistic suggests that more than 40% of the internet users will click the very first items on the search engine result page. Around 80%, users would never click on the paid listings. They would always prefer organic results. This is where SEO becomes extremely useful.

High Rates of Conversion

The rates of conversion of leads that are generated through SEO is around 14%. This is way higher than the conversion rate offered by email marketing, and even lower rate attributed to the printed advertisement.

Of course, different users show different behavior when they are browsing the internet, especially when they are carrying out a search. However, as a general rule, when a user clicks on a link, it can have a very profound impact on the final conversion decision. Different niche markets have their own conversion rates. For example, the finance sector user is more likely to click one of the first three links returned by the search engine.

This means that with the help of better SO, you can get better ranking, and consequently more chances of being clicked on by a user.

Secures a Great Online Presence

The internet is a mammoth entity. The most important aspect of surviving in this gigantic space is to maintain a great online presence with the help of your business website, and also through different social media platforms.

SEO offers you the opportunity to up your internet game by increasing your visibility to the prospective customers who are searching for a product or a service.

If your visibility on the internet is low, your prospective customer will never be able to find your business, and what it has to offer. With the help of SEO, you can rest assured that your online presence will always be good enough to attract a reasonable number of customers towards your business and its products.

Builds Trust

When you are able to establish a thriving presence for your business on the internet with the help of great content, it automatically translates into a high ranking position depending on the keywords you have used. When you start getting good ranks on Google search, your business will be seen as an entity that commands respect and authority within your sector.

This culminates in customers’ trust in your name and brand. Such a trust is an asset when it comes to actual conversions from leads to sales.

Cons of Using SEO

One of the disadvantages of SEO is that it takes a lot of time to generate meaningful results. Digital market success is not simply gauged through the establishment of a website. It is also imperative that you get a good ranking in search results. This would need you to carry out the indexing of your content. This takes a lot of time. Sometimes, it would take weeks.

This would mean that for any person who wants swift results, SEO may not be a very suitable option.

Takes longer time to Generate Return on Investment

It is obvious that SEO takes a long time to provide results. Consequently, achieving ROI will also take longer. Such a scenario is unsuitable for an entity that is small in size and requires frequent cash flows within a short span of time. This cash is used as a revolving find to operate the business and fulfill its cash requirements.

If the return on investments takes longer, such businesses will not be able to sustain themselves in the long haul.

Not a completely free tool

SEO is not a free marketing tool. It requires production of meaningful content, and attract backlinks. This is the work of experienced personnel who knows the intricacies of this concept.

This means that unless you are an expert yourself, you will be needing the help of someone else to do all this for you. Such a person will most likely be a professional who will charge you a hefty sum for carrying out all these activities.

Hiring a specialist becomes all the more important when you are operating within the parameters of a niche market where you are facing a lot of competitors.


There is little doubt that SEO is a potent marketing tool that generates a lot of traffic towards your website. Obviously, it should be a part of your digital marketing campaign. However, the benefits and disadvantages of SEO provided in the above article will allow you to gauge your own unique circumstance, and make a decision based on your own analysis. It is more advisable to establish a constructive balance between SEO and other marketing tools in order to get your desired results.

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Written by Lara Hawkins


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