Reliance Jio Is Now Planning To Launch Laptops With Cellular Connectivity

Reliance Jio Named As The Most Innovative Company

Since the Reliance Jio launched, it always comes into the headlines and the company launched the first feature phones with the power of 4G connectivity in last year, which increased the popularity of the Jio in the country. Along with the SIM and its free services give huge pressure to other telecom operators to bring down all the charges. Well, now it seems that the newbie of Reliance Industry is going to the laptop industry as well, as the company is now planning to launch laptops with the cellular connectivity.

The telecom company has started to talk with the popular chipset makers Qualcomm to launch laptops with the cellular connectivity, and the laptop will run on Window 10. The new decision is really going to make the Jio favorite again because right now we need to connect 3G/4G dongle or to connect Wi-Fi hotspot to get the internet connection on the laptop. But when you get a laptop with inbuilt cellular connectivity, it will give you more freedom as well as create the user’s life easy.

Having said that, the laptops which Jio is planning to launch will not be powered by Intel processors and they will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Well, with this we can expect that there will be a difference in performance with the laptops which we have seen in the mainstream. So, that’s all the information we have at this moment, we hope that we will get more information about the cellular connectivity laptops in coming days. And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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