Should You Get Repaired Your Old Mac or Buy a New One?

Is your aging Mac giving your grief? When your computer suffers from damage, you’re faced with a tough decision. Do you stand by the device you know and love, or opt to buy something new? We’re going to tell you what to consider before you take the dive and buy a new Mac.

Is Buying a New Device an “Upgrade?”

Just because the device is coming out of the box doesn’t mean it is an upgrade. Make sure that your new computer suits your needs. For example, if you prefer the multi-tasking abilities of a MacBook Pro, you might not enjoy using a MacBook Air. Which means that, if the new device is not according to your requirements, then you should look for mac repair services.

How Much Will Repair Cost?

Compare the price of repairs to the cost of purchasing something new, and bear in mind you can sell your broken Mac. You can offset the cost of a new device by selling your broken one on sites like eBay.

Do your research. People may want to purchase your broken Mac for working parts like a screen, battery, or various other components. The money you make from the sale may ease the pain of opening your wallet to purchase a new computer.

Is a Refurbished Mac an Option?

You can save money by purchasing a refurbished computer. In many cases, you can get a warranty and purchase protection. Bear in mind if you pay to get your Mac repaired, there might be a shorter warranty period.

How Much Time Will Repairing Your Mac Cost You?

Your precious time is another factor that can affect your decision to repair your Mac. Think about the length of repair time and see how long you will be without your computer. You might get stuck with a repair shop with a less than the trustworthy reputation that ends up working on your Mac for months.

How Much Time Will Purchasing a New Mac Cost You?

On the other hand, think about set-up time, and how long it will take you to get things back to normal. If you can get your Mac repaired quickly, buying a new one may not make sense. It can take hours to get your new computer up and running with all of your settings, apps, and files.

How Much Do You Love Your Old Mac?

Are you attached to your computer? If you love the familiarity of your old Mac and enjoy it because it does what you need it to do, you may want to choose repairs over purchasing new.

Remember though, that sentimental value shouldn’t be the main factor in your decision.

Can You Easily Upgrade Your Current Hardware?

Say your Mac is running slower than you prefer. You can always opt to upgrade your RAM. If you do this on your own, it will not void your AppleCare warranty. Most of the time, all you’ll need is a screwdriver – it’s relatively easy to add more RAM to your Mac.

You may also want to upgrade your hard drive to one with more space or an SSD. You can purchase an external hard drive – this is particularly true if you own a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

How Old is Your Mac?

If your Mac is older than three years, Apple may have begun phasing out software support for your device. If your Mac is on the more former side, it may make more sense to purchase a new one rather than repairing or upgrading hardware components.

If your Mac is older than four years, consider buying a new one. The latest possible operating system version can be major revisions behind.

How Urgently Do You Need Your Mac?

If your computer is meeting your needs now, you have time to see what is available and save up for a new computer. If your Mac isn’t doing the trick, your decision is going to have to be more immediate. In this case, you’ll want to bring your computer to a Mac repair shop to help you decide whether you should buy new equipment or go for the repair.

What is Broken?

If your screen is shattered, your computer is pretty much worthless because you won’t be able to see anything in its display. You might want to purchase a new Mac in this case. On the other hand, all of the different parts of your computer may be working fine, in which case a repair might be more comfortable.

The nature of the problem will prove to be a significant factor in your decision.

What Else is at Stake?

There may be hidden costs you aren’t aware of when you purchase a new computer.

  • Licensed software may not be allowed to transfer to a new computer, requiring you to purchase new programs.
  • Your documents, music, and pictures may be on your computer’s hard drive, so you will want to consider the cost of transferring data from one machine to the next.
  • You may have to spend time learning the ropes of your new Mac. Even if your old Mac is just a couple of years past, it will likely take some getting used to.

Ultimately, the final decision is yours. Everyone has a unique situation, and there isn’t an answer that applies to every case. It may make more sense to get your trust old Mac repaired so that you can enjoy using it longer than it does to spend the same amount of money on a new device you will have to break in.

However, if you can get an upgrade or even the same item without your wear and tear, a new device may be the better decision. Whatever you do, consider these questions carefully and make an informed decision.

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