Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Review

Samsung Galaxy A52s Pricing Tipped

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is the successor to the wildly successful Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A51 5G, both of which were introduced in 2020. It is the company’s latest entry in the cheaper phone category and has made steps to provide many features at an affordable price. It is not the cheapest phone you have ever seen, but it is comparatively cheaper than flagship phones such as Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 Ultra.


It means that Galaxy A52 5G won’t compete with flagship phones, but Samsung isn’t trying to do that either. But Samsung is trying to bring all the basic features to the brand new affordable phone. Samsung’s A52 5G is also compared to Apple’s iPhone SE and Google’s Pixel 4A 5G.

Specs of Samsung A52 5G



Samsung A52 5G has a solid build and slick design as previous versions of A51 and A51 5G. It looks a little cheap because of its plastic rear and aluminum frame, but the phone’s overall look is good.


The phone is not as premium as flagship phones such as Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S21 but is very durable in hand; therefore, we liked the phone’s build. Despite being a cheap phone, it is a large phone set with a 6.5-inch display screen, dimensions of 159.9×75.1×8.4mm, and a weight of 189 grams.


Samsung offers two variants of this phone, each with a distinct storage configuration and four color options: black, white, violet, and blue. Currently, only Black color is available in the US market, and Samsung has no words on releasing other colors.


Some of the other ecstatic to see on A52 5G are the 3.5mm headphone jack placed on the bottom of the device, USB-C port, and volume rocker, which are placed alongside the power button on the right of the phone.



A52 5G display uses Super AMOLED and has a Full HD+ resolution. Also, it has 800 nits of brightness which looks stunning when we turn the brightness to its maximum. If you are using this phone for video purposes, you won’t be disappointed.


The exact resolution is 1080×2400 which equals a pixel density of 407 pixels per inch, which you will find satisfactory. But it can’t be compared to the QHD smartphone screens like in the older Galaxy S Series models.


As some may like, there is a punch hole at the center of the top edge, and the bezels around the screen are thicker. But it looks great while watching videos and scrolling through social media feeds. Samsung made efforts to hide the punch hole in the camera, which some people won’t like but is a good alternative to a notch at the top of the screen.


One of the biggest upgrades in A52 5G is the introduction of 120 Hz. You can find this feature mostly in flagship phones. It means your screen refreshes quicker and gives you a smooth experience. The fact that it runs at 120Hz isn’t a compelling argument to buy this phone. However, we discovered that it performed admirably without affecting battery life.


You can notice the difference while playing games or scrolling through social media feeds. If you don’t like this feature, you also can turn it off. The phone also comes with a fingerprint scanner which works well but sometimes takes a long time to detect the fingerprint, which is a little turn-off.

Performance and Specs


If you want superfast 5G connectivity, choosing Samsung’s A-series will be wise. If you believe you’ll utilize 5G connectivity in the future, we recommend getting a phone that has it rather than one that doesn’t.


A52 5G comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, an update to the aging Snapdragon 730G. It is an improvement over the Exynos Chip used in Galaxy A51, but this doesn’t mean competing with the big boys. Since the idea behind this phone is to make it an affordable phone. Samsung has used the Snapdragon 700 series chip on this phone.

If you want to play games, you should look at alternative options because the phone takes a little longer to load applications and games than other phones. Samsung A52 5G won’t give you a top-end experience but is powerful enough to perform most tasks, so you are unlikely to be frustrated.


Samsung has released two versions of this phone: 6GB RAM with 128 GB of storage and 8GB RAM with 256GB storage. But the version with 8GB RAM is currently unavailable in the US, UK, and Australia, so that you may be limited to the 6GB version.


MicroSD support is one of the upgrades that has come with this phone which lets you have more storage up to 1TB. It means you can have more storage than any variant of the Galaxy S21.


The phone comes with Samsung’s own One UI 3.1 software based on Android 11, which is the latest version of Android. Samsung will keep this up to date for years to come.



Galaxy A52 5G comes with four rear cameras, and one has a depth sensor that works as the main camera. It gives you fun and ridiculous AR effects and decent portrait photos.


It also features a macro camera, which isn’t as good as the main camera but allows you to concentrate closer. You must maintain your attention since you are only a handshake away from losing it. Samsung has provided Pro Mode for better steady but it is only available for the main camera.


The ultra-wide-angle camera of the A52 5G is somewhat good. Optical image stabilization and a 64-megapixel sensor combine pixels to produce a 16-megapixel shot with high detail and brightness in the main camera. In lower lights, you can see the weakness of the camera. It has a Night Mode to help, but you cannot get the results as Night Mode in Galaxy S21.


You can record videos in 4k; the video quality is good in the light but not so good in the dark. You can start seeing image noises when shooting in the dark. Unfortunately, there is no optical stabilization while shooting 4K videos. But if you drop to 1080 resolution video, super steady mode works well.


The selfie camera has a 32-megapixel sensor and is full of different tools like jawline defining, face smoothing, eye enlarging, etc. It also has a fun mode that allows you to use Snapchat AR filters without opening the Snapchat app.

Battery Life


The Galaxy A52 5G comes with a 4500 mAh cell, and Samsung claims the phone will offer you two days battery life. The company provides you with an 18W charger, and it took less than 90 minutes for the phone to fully charge. It is not that bad for a 4500 mAh battery to fully charge at this time interval at 18W.


Samsung has not provided wireless charging for this phone model, but we cannot expect this feature at this price range.

Why Buy or Not to Buy Samsung A52 5G

But if you want

●     Superfast 5G connectivity


5G connectivity is rare in this price range of phones, so if you want superfast 5G connectivity in a budget phone, then A52 5G is for you.

●     Long-Lasting Battery Life


Samsung claims to offer you two-day battery life, so if you want a phone that lasts for a long time, then this phone can be a wise choice.

●     Bold Display


The 6.5-inch display looks stunning and gives you a fun experience while playing games or watching videos.

Don’t buy if you want

●     Top performance


There are different alternatives in this price range if you want top performance. That doesn’t mean the A52 5G is a slow phone, but it may not be that great compared to others.

●     Game-changing camera


The main camera is pretty good but isn’t that exciting addition to the A-series. So if you want a camera which can give you the best quality photo, this isn’t it.

●     Absolute cheapest phone


Samsung A52 5G is not the cheapest phone on the market. There are different alternatives you can find in this price range; models from Xiaomi and Motorola can be the best suit for you.

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