Samsung AR Glass Concept Video Surfaces Online

Samsung AR Glass Concept Video Surfaces Online

Its been a year since Samsung acquired patent rights to its Augmented Reality (AR) glasses technology. Prior to this, it was rumoured that the company failed to make notable progress on the project however with the latest patent the company is expected to have made significant progress in creating an enhanced and simpler navigation system.

A leaked video showcases Samsung Glasses Lite, which is considered to be one of the successful prototypes from the company. It shows how the Samsung Glasses Lite is able to project a kind of virtual screen in front of the user’s eyes. This enables the user to play games or watch videos literally in front of him using the new AR glass. The new Samsung Dex Mode might also help the user to achieve this without the need for a dedicated PC or a monitor.

In contrast to the previous air-gesture control from Samsung, the new AR glass controlling will be done via the Samsung smartwatch which is similar to the works of Apple and Facebook. This is a significant step from Samsung in comparison to their Gear VR Headsets and its the right time as their rivals are rumoured to be coming up with similar exciting technologies themselves.

Once the technology is available for the consumers, it offers a lot of possibilities. Among them could be deploying the AR glass slapped on to drone cameras to get a better view or using them for navigational purposes and so on.


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Written by Abin Benny


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