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Samsung Galaxy S10 Trio Got FCC Certification

We are almost two weeks away from the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series. There are a lot of expectations from this year’s ‘S’ series, due to the market failure of Galaxy S9 and of course, it’s the 10th-anniversary edition of ‘S’ series. Most of the rumours and leaks suggest that this year we will see trio of Galaxy S10 smartphones, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E (or Lite), and Galaxy S10 Plus. All three variants will have a significant price gap and same with features & specifications. Now today, this new spotting almost confirms the leaks of this trio.

All three Galaxy S10 smartphones got FCC Certifications in USA. These three devices will have model number SM-G970U, which is Galaxy S10E, SM-G973U, which is Galaxy S10, and lastly SM-G975U, which is Galaxy S10 Plus. All three S10 smartphones will have Bluetooth and NFC support. Galaxy S10 & S10E will have Wi-Fi 802.11ax, whereas Galaxy S10 Plus will have something like ‘Wi-Fi 6’. Maybe it’s a newer Wi-Fi technology, which will give strong connectivity and can use the full potential of high-end routers. Also there will be ‘Wireless Power Transfer’ in all three Galaxy S10 devices, which we think might be the marketing term of reverse wireless charging. Same thing is also suggested by a rumour, which we got few days back, but that rumour says this will be called as PowerShare.

So that’s all the information we have as of now. Two things are almost confirmed with FCC certification, trio of Galaxy S10 and reverse wireless charging. And we are happy for both. Because according to previous rumours of 4000mAh battery in Galaxy S10, this reverse wireless charging will be a useful feature. Now what are your thoughts on this feature? Will it be useful if your upcoming smartphone will have this feature? Let us know in the comment section below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.


Via : Gadgets360

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