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Samsung teases roll, fold and slide OLED displays for phones, tablets and laptops

Samsung Display is the world’s largest maker of small OLED panels for use in smartphones and tablets. As part of Samsung’s ‘OLED Era’, the future is full of rolling, folding and sliding OLED displays. A new site for Samsung Display now indicates that the company is more clear than ever in its teasers.

The micro site is set up with the sole purpose of showcasing the company’s Bleeding Edge display tex. Within that, the ‘Flex LED’ page indicates that Samsung may soon be diverting to more diverse displays, offering multiple aspect ratios and folding in different styles.

Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass technology is highlighted with enhanced collateral, excessive use 100 times a day or more than five years. The company has achieved even a very small bending radius of just 1.4mm, which gives it a slight crease and can lead to thinner tools.

Probably the most interesting bits are the posters that seem to show laptops + tablets with foldable displays and TVs with rollable displays like paper. Of course, these are still in their infancy, but the future of such technology mainstream is much closer than it is now.

The site also offers a view of the flex bar – a type of display similar to that found on the Z Flip 3 and the Flex Square panel (Z Fold Style Panel). Also on display is the Flex Note – a new trademark that could be Samsung’s new way of describing technology found on devices such as the ThinkPad X1 fold.

Overall, Samsung’s vision is a big step in the right direction. Many people were beginning to think that phones were at the peak of an evolution, but it is now clear that there is still a lot to come.

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Written by Shahina P


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