SMS Marketing Has Evolved Over Time For The Better

If you look into it deeply you will find that SMS marketing has evolved much over time and it is for the better for both the consumers as well as the business marketers. The primary reason that has resulted in such evolution in SMS marketing is the technological advancements. However, in spite of all these developments and transformations, the medium of SMS has persisted to be the same throughout.

  • There are several benefits provided by such revolution and advancement in the technology and one of the most significant one is that it has helped in creating many different new communication channels.
  • These channels in turn help the business owners and marketers to reach out to a larger audience and change them into their potential customers.

A lot of these channels for communication have been able to make a significant impact on the customer base but the most prevalent channel amongst all when it comes to business marketing seems to be SMS.

Effective communication channel

At this point, you may wonder why it is only SMS when you have a host of other channels and options available to send text message invitations. Well, the primary reason for saying so is that SMS is supposed to have the widest reach when compared with all other available channels for communication. This holds true even if it is considered that SMS is an old-school approach for business marketing especially when this is an age of social media, internet, mobile devices and others.

There are a few statistics that will prove the SMS is the widely used and the most effective communication channel of all and will also help you to find an answer to your question.

  • According to a particular research it is said that SMSs have a much better open rate than emails which stands at a high 98%. This means almost each and every SMS messages that are sent to the users are opened and read by them. This also means that the communication reaches to the target audience successfully and most effectively. This however is not seen as a possibility in the other media and that too at such a high rate.
  • Another research showed that more or less 83% of the all the SMSs are opened within 3 minutes of their delivery. This fact adds on establishing the point that SMS channel is far more effective than any other given channel for communication especially when you need to communicate with the users within a given time frame which is shorter. Therefore, SMS truly is observed as the best channel to use when you want your message to reach the other end immediately.

One of the most significant features of SMS that makes it unique and stand out from the other modes of communication is that it can be sent to any kind of mobile phone. This means even a user using the most basic handset and not a smart phone can receive these messages too even if the internet is not enabled on these simple mobile devices.

This would further means that you will have a much wider reach irrespective of the gadget used enabling you to reach to even to those target audiences that lives in the remotest of areas where other channels may find it difficult to reach.

The innovation in use

You can say after considering the innovations in the uses of SMS that it is much more like ‘Older wine in a new bottle.’ This means that all marketers will have to make improvements in their marketing tactics in order to evolve with time and stay effective. They will need to bring in new ideas instead of living in the past and prevalent ones.

This is because it is the usage of the channel that has changed over the time to maintain the pace of the revolution but SMS in fact remains the most reliable source of communication.

  • In the olden days, SMS was primarily used to just send information to the users and most of the job was done manually.
  • Now everything is done in an automated manner with the increasing use of technologies such as APIs or Application Programming Interfaces that have made sending bulk SMSs to mass recipients very easy.

With the advent and use of APIs, it is now easy for businesses to send SMS to their customers at different events and occasions as well without having to do it manually. This not only saves a lot of time and effort but significantly reduces the probabilities of any errors made especially when you want to send out a comparatively large content in large numbers.

  • Another significant benefit of using these APIs is that it helps in interacting with different websites and apps.
  • It can also send information to the customers depending on the analytical reports of their interaction on the app or website.

For example, is the customer clicks on the “Locate Us” button the AP will help them to get the SMS triggered automatically and instantly that will contain the location details and address.

The API will also detect info from the customer database automatically and act accordingly. For example, it can send your customers birthday or anniversary greetings on SMS using APIs without having to look for the details of each manually before sending.

Everything is now done instantly and SMS can also help your users to visit your website and even a specific page on it. All you have to do is include the URL in your text message that they may click on. This way you will not only reach to your target audience but will also have a greater ability to raise the organic traffic to your website and chances of conversion.

Lastly, SMS messaging is also very effective because it uses secured logins through 2FA or Two Factor Authentication. In this it carries an OTP or One Time Passwords that ensures securities of the online user accounts across all platforms. All these make SMS the evergreen channel for communication and marketing.

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