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Surface Pro X Review

The Surface Pro X is a great device and also the best Snapdragon-powered PC in the market It offers a smooth 2-in-1 experience but the entire Windows OS on Snapdragon platform is packed with many bugs and compatibility issues. Surface Pro X is a solid choice for the ones who are looking for Microsoft’s software to get their work done. The Surface Pro X is the thinnest Surface yet and this device has a major upgrade inside. As per Microsoft, it uses a custom chipset which is the fastest ARM processor in a PC and has an integrated gigabit LTE radio for speedy cellular data. But, is it a worthy option over other Chromebooks and Surface Pro 7? Let’s check it out in the Surface Pro X review below:

Design and display

Talking about how it looks, I will tell you – this device is gorgeous and a joy to hold. It has minimal bezels just like the iPad Pro 12.9-inch and is incredibly thin too. There is also a kickstand to rotate almost 180 degrees. Although it is a thin premium device, it feels solid and sturdy.

The Surface Pro X has a decent array of ports which include two USB-C options, a slot for Microsoft’s proprietary power charger, a SIM and a microSD card slot under the kickstand. There is no headphone jack on this device anywhere.

Coming to the display, the Pro X has a 13-inch screen with 2,880 x 1,920 pixels and 3:2 aspect ratio. The bezels are kept minimal which gives you the best movie-watching experience. The images come out crisp and colorful on their display. 

Keyboard and trackpad

In this piece of hardware, the keyboard is something to talk about. It is the best tablet keyboard in the market. The Pro X’s keyboard is not only comfortable but well-spaced as some laptops too. The key travel is great and it feels better than other premium laptops like the MacBook Air and the Galaxy Book Flex.

There is a trackpad below which is very responsive and smooth. If the trackpad were bigger, it would have been an icing on the cake.


There are tons of things to love about the Surface Pro X’s hardware. But, the performance is the biggest concern here! Yes, the Qualcomm’s 3GHz ARM-based SQ1 processor is promising, but Windows on Snapdragon has very limited app compatibility.  Yes, Microsoft has improved a lot in its software performance and has released ARM64 support for faster programs. Still, it is not kept up to the hefty price we are paying.

The device can easily handle anything and also typical gaming. Games like Overcooked run smoothly on this but don’t expect it to run anything more demanding like Call Of Duty. The limited app compatibility here is the bugs and that is also the biggest con of this device. There are many little-little issues in this device that are troubling. These might get fixed with a firmware update, but for now, they’re definitely a headache for us

Speedy LTE

The Pro X and most Snapdragon PCs are packing the gigabit LTE connections. With the Pro X, I can confidently say that it works fine and smooth. The device is capable of handling anything with its internet connection LTE compatibility

Battery Life

Microsoft says that the device can stay up to 13 hours of normal use which is decent. On the battery test, the Pro X lasted for12 hours, which is longer than the HP Envy X2 and a lot more than the Surface Pro 7. Even iPad Pro lies behind Surface Pro X in this niche. You can apply for Android Developer Jobs to know about this field.

Final Verdict

The new  Surface Pro X is a beautiful piece of hardware that shows Microsoft’s excellence in engineering and design brilliance. It works fantastically well and the keyboard is a delight to use. It is combined with the LTE connection and also the beautiful screen. The major concern with this device is its crashes and compatibility issues with apps. This device is exclusively designed for mobile users who love to spend most of the time on a web browser or basic productivity apps. But, asking for $1,140 for something that doesn’t run all the apps, that is something outrageous and doesn’t make any sense. There are many Chromebooks in the market which come at less price and can handle anything. If you want some Windows apps, then Pro X is great but keep in mind, you are going to pay a hefty amount for Windows premium-ness, an LTE connection, and elegant hardware.

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