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Techno Geek: Eagerly Anticipating What’s More To Come This Year

Over this year 2019, when spoken of technologies there wouldn’t be a single thing to speak in regards to but rather a whole lot of them. Since technologies have really captivated and relatively made known of their presence. May it be in reference to 5G technology that was widely spoken of around the world when recently launch a while back due to all the possibilities in technology advancements it would bring along. It is also predicted and eagerly anticipated by many that even yet during this year there are many more techs to emerge. Some of the technologies are listed below that have and few that would be launched over the year.

1)    Intelligent Apps

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, it is being completely redefined in terms of the integration of applications with artificial intelligence. To this extent the applications technology is getting developed that complete analysis and data collection that is made in real-time, and the overall produced is also comprised of real-time bases. Now being able to take inputs from the user to make changes in the app through analyzing and learning of the user in such an order that creates an experience accordingly for the user. The investments carried out to develop such an experience is incredible but Android and iPhone app development cost in Canada or around the globe aren’t holding back due to it. Chat boot feature is added for the user to speak with the apps as if with an understanding or conversation being held out between two human beings.

2)    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Even though AI has gained an amazing amount of praise and the tendency of it to carry on is questionable but over the years with the improvements taking place in it, it is impressive. Since the trait of AI is to create machinery to spontaneously respond, perform tasks, processing recognition and multi-task with speed additionally to the precise accuracy in comparison to the human. Currently the experience with artificial intelligence via smartphone personal assistance, navigation systems, streaming services, etc. including many other money saving tasks as well. It is tremendous also to see how many different fields have taken interest and wanting to advance with artificial intelligence even such fields as medical, packaging, industries, etc. are keen to adapt with AI, it is not only that mobile industry is to benefit by this technology.

3)    Internet of Things (IoT)

It is unimaginable to think of the future upcoming advanced features that are considered about the non-connected devices in the world. The amazing part is that internet of things are not comprised to advance its tech only till the possibility of tables, computers or just smartphones instead developers and IT Companies are taking consideration to optimize its feature to various possibilities in the coming future. One of its feature of IOT is that it collects overall data that is monitors and analyzes it to increase productivity and the efficiency of that device.

4)    RPA: Robot Process Automation

Being repetitive in nature and as the name clearly defines its stance vividly enough that is robot process automation. If defined in a much simpler form software that repeats the same organization’s operation as processed automation. For instance the tasks that require the same auto task be accomplished through such machinery but can be placed in various parameters but an example that can be placed to make it simpler is filling of a form or customers ID which can be done through such a machinery much efficiently, effetely and with accuracy in comparison if done manually. The use of RPA is essential and captivating since it is utilized in every accommodating area in multiple fields differently.

5)    Autonomous Driving (Robot Cars: ROS)

As autonomous robot cars are mentioned instantaneously Tesla comes to mind. Well, for very obvious reasons such a scenario takes place as Tesla has made electric car performance redefined unlike any ordinary gasoline automobile featured to be much more advanced in the feature. With processing powers as an ability and captivating features such as advanced sensors, AI, ML technologies integrated with the Autonomous Driving. Available with the key feature to autopilot self-drive mode without having the driver’s instruction is remarkable. Providing safety level as a priority higher than ever before and to be able to consider such security for the human driver.

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