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TechnoBugg’s Weekly Round-up

Welcome everyone to first Weekly Round-up. In this series of Weekly Round-up, we will showcase Top 5 trending news of this week as well as 2 mentioned news which is very interesting but can’t make their way to the Top 5 list. This week is trending for Jio, OnePlus, & more. So, let’s have a look at this week’s Top 5 trending news.


1. Jio ‘Happy New Year 2018’ Plans Announced:

On this occasion of New Year, leading Indian telecom brand Jio has brought some changes in their existing plans under the name of ‘Happy New Year 2018’. This time Jio has changed many of their popular plans in two different ways, some plans got a price drop while some plans got extra data for the same price. The range of new plans will start from ₹149 and ends at ₹498. The main reason for these changes is the launch of Airtel VoLTE service in India. As many other OEMs have similar plans as compared to Jio’s popular plans, the graph of Jio users is decreased a bit. But anyways, this competition will be beneficial for us. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


2. OnePlus Unveiled Sandstone White OnePlus 5T:

Remember those days when OnePlus smartphones used to have their proprietary back material, the Sandstone back. This Sandstone back helped them a lot to get a recognition in many popular regions. But as the trend moved to the metal body, OnePlus also shifted to metal body design with OnePlus 3 smartphone. Now after 2.5 years, OnePlus is back with their Sandstone back smartphone. This week they launched a Sandstone White Limited Edition Of OnePlus 5T. This phone looks very similar to recently launched Star Wars Edition, but the back has textured finish instead of smooth metal finish and it does not have any Star Wars logo embedded in the back. The last & only time we have seen White Sandstone back is on company’s first phone, OnePlus One. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


3. Nokia 6 (2018) Officially Unveiled:


So it’s been a year since Nokia made its comeback in the smartphone industry, and we have the first successor of new Nokia’s phone. This week Nokia unveiled the successor of it’s debut phone Nokia 6 i.e. Nokia 6 (2018). There are some minor improvements in this smartphone as compared to its predecessor. The built quality is improved with 6000 series aluminium being used. Also, the processor used here is Snapdragon 630, which is very latest at this time as compared to last year’s Nokia 6. The original Nokia 6 came with Snapdragon 430 processor which was going to become outdated at the time of launch. Apart from these two changes, the phone has nothing which can be termed as change. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


4. Samsung Unveiled Exynos 9810 Processor:

In 2017 we have seen that chipset manufacturers are moving towards efficiency and Artificial Intelligence, instead of just power. Now this year we will see more changes in both areas. And it is started because Samsung has revealed it’s new processor i.e. Exynos 9810. Samsung promises that this processor is improved a lot in terms of AI as compared to 2017’s Exynos 8895. As usual, there will be slight improvements in terms of performance and efficiency. The new thing about this processor is it’s video recording capability, this Exynos 9810 can record 4k videos at impressive 120fps, highest till now is in Apple’s A11 Bionic processor i.e. 4k at 60fps. So this Exynos 9810 is expected a game changer in video recording. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


5. Get Pixel 2/2 XL Portrait Mode On Other Smartphones:

Last year Google amazed everyone with it’s software tweaks that can take better portrait shots with its single-camera than most. For those portrait shots, the Google Camera app in Pixel 2 helped a lot. Some developers have already modified that apk to work in other smartphones but that require rooting & flashing stuffs. Now this week another developer has released it’s own camera app which is based on Google Camera. And the speciality with this app is it’s portrait shots even on non-pixel single camera phones. Users can take those beautiful portrait shots on there non-pixel phones, even without rooting. They just need to install the apk like any other normal apk. There are some bugs present in apk, but it will get fixed soon. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


Two Mentioned News Of This Week:


So these are all the trending news of this week. We will get much trending news in 2018 and we will continue to show those trending news on this article too. So that’s our last Weekly Round-up of 2017, stay tuned to us even in 2018 for more information.


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