Technology is helping game hosting providers deal with COVID-19 demand

Almost a global lockdown has taken place and people are constantly buying game servers hosts to play with their friends and also starting up servers while they have endless time on their hands.

Games like Minecraft, Ark and Rust are some of the biggest games for server hosting. Best Game Hosting reported an increase of almost 78% in searches for game server related searches.

A big part of buying a server is the time frame that it’s set up. Various software allows the game hosting provider to set the game up instantly and sends an email to the purchaser with IP and server details.

However, various hosts use different tactics to make this achievable, Json and hundreds of lines of code are triggered once the payment is confirmed. Only a few game hosts provide this service like and due to it’s complexion.

Most hosts will eventually provide this service, however, it can be expensive in the short term to use this method due to the coding.

If you take a look at this Survival Servers Review you can see how much they love games and how it affects their business in a positive way. SurvivalServers continues to get a large amount of positive reviews from Trustpilot etc.

However, even if the host doesn’t have instant set-up it isn’t a huge deal, at the maximum the server set-up process will take 1-2hours which isn’t that bad. However, most will have custom built control panels that automate most things like mods & plugins installation.

Some may choose to go with major hosting brands but going with game specific hosting can come with some major benefits. Reduced costs, 24/7 support, game-specific networks and software to go with it.

Looking at costs, they’re fairly cheaper than going with major hosting companies like GoDaddy and HostGator. So choosing game hosts like GameServers and Host Havoc.

With going with a game specific host means you’re going with a company that loves games and has a knowledgement of games, make sure you’ve read the review of each host before you purchase a server.

Looking at the minecraft server scene, we see the Polish government launching a minecraft server for children within the country and moderate it appropriately in an effort to reduce the impact of coronavirus.

Poland shut down its schools until at least 30th April in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While online classes are common, housebound kids are still problematic. The Polish Government believes that it has the reply: it recently launched a Minecraft server, among other initiatives.

The server’s name is Grarantanna, which involves a bunch of mostly educational activities including questionnaires, jams, online pen-and-paper sessions and a Minecraft site. The creative server is open to elementary, secondary and university students with a 60×60 graphic for each player. The most impressive buildings will receive awards and players will receive an opportunity to recreate “established buildings.” The Competition

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