Telegram plans to monetize the app

Telegram plans to monetize the app

Telegram has declared that they are closing in on the 500 million active user mark. To keep a service of this scale operational, the company has also declared about their new plans of monetization through the co-founder Pavel Durov’s public channel on Telegram.

They set out a two-fold plan on monetizing the service which will be starting from next year. The first part of this will be introduced with premium features for business users. Premium features come along with all other existing features which will continue to remain free, the service will introduce some new features that aims at executing the requirements of the more demanding customers.

Next part will be introduced with ads in the channels. These channels will provide open group chats either hosted by an individual or by a group of people or allows anyone to join in to the group chats. Telegram will show ads in these groups using their own ad networks, which will also get rid of any ads that the group owners may currently be placing manually by sending them as posts. For private group chats it will remain ads free.

The company also assured the users that Telegram will remain an independent company and the steps they are taking with monetization will help the company to avoid having to sell it to make money. Durov added by pointing WhatsApp as an example of how things will go bad when platform owners become more profits motive over the user privacy.

The updation will also brings other useful features, such as faster loading stickers, SD card storage on Android for moving Telegram files from the internal storage to external storage, new app animations on Android, ability to announce your messages using Siri on iOS and more amazing features. The app updation will be now in live on mobile platforms and in desktops. More details about the monetization aspect will be unveiled in the future.


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