The 4 Biggest Global Business Trends for 2021

2020 changed the world, and business leaders around the globe were forced to make rapid pivots to keep up with those changes. Some of the biggest changes to come in 2020 were expected, but the pace was certainly not. The shift to e-commerce has been an ongoing one, but 2020 saw the rapid acceleration of digital shopping, and B2C and B2B brands alike had big decisions to make. Going into 2021 with an idea of the trends that are expected to remain prominent in the business landscape is critical for those large and small businesses alike. If you want to continue to see business growth in 2021, here are the global business trends you need to know about.

Digital Everything


It’s not just shopping that moved online in 2020: everything did. Businesses were quick to make the shift to remote working, and it seems increasingly likely that this change could become the new working normal. Remote working is set to become a much sought-after working benefit, especially as more and more workers head into the gig economy setup.


Many business leaders have avoided remote working models because they believe that it makes those workers unproductive, but the research proves that the opposite is the case. With collaboration tools aplenty and business meetings via zoom, does your business need your team in the office every day, or could you slash your running costs by making the move to remote working?

Decentralized Security


All businesses are at risk from security breaches, and criminals are as savvy as ever when it comes to technology. The move to remote working models has caused a seismic shift in security for business, with the traditional perimeter defences proving much less effective when networks are being accessed by multiple remote workers. That requires a different approach, and both online and offline security is increasingly focusing on the endpoint.


Options and safeguards like Ramsdaq Access Control are going to be much more commonplace to see, and every access point into a business environment will need to be secured. Small businesses, which are more likely to be targeted by criminals, will need to pay particular attention to the ways that they protect themselves both online and in the real world.

Developed Localization


This is one of the more unpredictable trends to look at as we move into 2021. Generally, localization has grown as a standard marketing tactic over the last five years, but 2020 saw a much greater shift to local buying than ever expected. As more people spend time buying from the businesses that are geographically closer to them, brands are having to retarget their marketing tactics. SEO in particular is affected by a more localized approach, and that can mean a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to content and keywords. Engaging local audiences is likely to become the SOP for marketing teams and the businesses that use them.

Saying Goodbye to Cash


Although the shift to a more cashless society has been very gradual, more businesses than ever are realizing that consumers simply don’t carry money in their wallets, purses, or pockets anymore. When consumers pay online, they have multiple payment options, and even when buying in-store they still have cards or their smartphones to pay with. Cash is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and that means businesses need to ensure that they have the tech required to be able to accept those payments. Failing to let your customers pay in the ways that they prefer means losing those customers. While the move to a cashless world brings with it many concerns, businesses that want to continue growth in 2021 need to factor in those alternative payment options.

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