The 5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

People use reverse phone lookup services to find out more about a specific phone number. Maybe you’re getting multiple calls from a number you don’t recognize or your significant other is making many calls to a number they haven’t saved on their phone. The best services are easy to use and provide lots of useful information. Our top choices are Check People, Spytox, Spokeo, NoCallerName, and Zlookup. Some are paid and others are free.

What Information Will I Get?

The abovementioned services and some others will provide all kinds of information connected to a number, such as a full name, criminal history, address, carrier information, statistics, financial records, and business details. Of course, this will be information about the person that the number is registered to. The actual caller might be a different person. Sometimes it’s possible to get more details and specific information for a number. You can get access to a lot of additional information based on the type of number.

How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

You can use a landline number, a VOIP number, or a mobile phone number. You will get all the above information in each case. When using a mobile number, there might be a few limitations. On the plus side, you could learn something about social media and other online accounts associated with that number. Without further ado, here are the best reverse phone lookup services.

A quick lookup of a landline or mobile phone number will yield the person’s name instantly. You just enter the number in the field at the top of the respective page, and Check People will send all the information connected to it. This service is free, effortless, easy, accurate, and effective.


This reverse lookup service is truly premium-grade. You can use it to look up numbers, names, addresses, and much more. The company even provides social profile details. You don’t need to subscribe or even sign up. The information you’re after is a click away – simply enter the number or email you want to check. The service’s proprietary search technology guarantees accurate results. Like Checkpeople, Spytox searches the Deep Web to get as much data as possible. It is intuitive and easy to use.


To unlock a full report on this phone lookup service, you will need to register, which is well worth doing because you’ll get all the detailed information available about your query. This includes a full name, the telecommunication company, the person’s location, current address, and much more.

This service offers two plans: Basic and Pro, which cost $24.95 and $44.95 a month. They come with 50 and 100 credits respectively. One credit is spent on one search. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can purchase a certain number of credits at a time.


The best thing about this service is that it will always be free. They are almost like a non-profit organization, motivated by the desire to reduce phone abuse and reveal identities concealed behind anonymity. The service is legitimate and yields accurate results.


There is so much more than reverse phone lookup to Spokeo. You can enter names, email addresses, and physical addresses apart from phone numbers if you want to learn more about someone. The free search supplies basic data. To get a full profile, you’ll need to register. This includes photos, court records, family background, contact details, and personal information in general.

Data Sources

Reverse phone lookup services get their data from three sources: VOIP (Voice Over IP), landlines, and mobile phone numbers. VOIP is the technology cable providers use. There’s a good chance information is available if the person who purchased the phone line from the VOIP provider has opted to activate caller ID.

Addresses and names for landlines have always been available. Landlines get most of their information this way. It is just as easy to get a number if you have a name and address as it is the other way round. Carriers give the information directly to companies.

Mobile phones are the most challenging. Unlike landlines, no directory assistance exists for them, so data is obtained from other sources. In general, businesses providing reverse phone lookups for mobile numbers buy this information in bulk. It is estimated that 70% of mobile phone numbers on average will return a match when checked through a reverse phone lookup service. There is a better chance of getting a name and other information if the person has had that number for a long period of time.

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