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The Impact of the Internet to the World

People today are using the internet most of their time. Its impact has been transformative to multilevel – including communications, knowledge, information, and interaction with different people. In the technical community were has detailed information for the technology, initiated a conversation regarding the role of the internet and how it affects the daily life of people.

There is a problem that the technology that was supported by the internet can lead to inappropriate behavior and misleading information to the public. People can all access the web that contains information as long as they have internet. We cannot control how people will use it as they have the freedom to do so.

Internet is now a key figure in our daily life. In entertainment down to information and online transaction. It made our life much easier compared to the previous decade. It affects the society as people can’t live without the internet. It made us kill realism as they turn to virtual entertainment rather than physical interaction.

Developing World Towards Internet

We all know that the internet is for everyone and anyone can use it. They may use it for communications, data gathering, and may find a technical skill development for using the internet. They can use it for entertainment like youtube applications that have access to different kinds of categories.

Mobile internet has been the biggest impact that they develop throughout history. For connecting people online, they can communicate anywhere they go and anywhere in the world as long as the internet reach them.

Because of its rapid improvement, people think that anything is possible through technology. It affects how we communicate, how we search for information, and how we proceed in our plans or goal in life.

The Implication of Real-World

Sharing information can be accessed by anyone as long as you put it on the public. Misleading information can provoke in real-world to pose threat or even involved in cyberbullying if they didn’t like what read regarding that information. We don’t know-how will affect us in our real-life until that happens. Minimizing the information that we shared on the public will help to secure our social life and even in our real life.

Internet is the key for its Globalization and Economic Growth

Businesses as well the government recognize that the internet as the key to its economic growth. With the use of the internet, it can connect billions of people to gain an opportunity for information relay.

Social Interaction

With the help of the internet, it is not easy to get in touch with someone even if you are miles apart. People can connect through online applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, and many more with the help of the internet. It is now easy to communicate with others even if you different cultures.

Living a Digital Life

Society is a group or categorize as objective, culture, human, animals, and everything that we see and touch in our society. Society is living a digital life. Internet is dazzled in the eyes of many people and it’s very tough to decide what’s right or wrong on the internet. Society now prioritized digital life rather than real interaction with people.

Personal Safety on the Internet

Privacy and security both on the internet and real-life is the biggest concern of every person. It is tough to protect people’s privacy even if we have security updates, anti-virus, firewall protection, and many more. Hacker’s hacking ability is also evolving as they also adapt to the evolution of technology.

We are now using mobile, internet banking and money wallets. As we input our data, if anyone knows your bank account number or any sensible data, they can easily use your money on their own accord without your consent. They can use eye-catching links to get your data and account. It’s very tough to be safe on the internet but we still keep using it on personal entertainment, communication and online transaction.


Internet is now part of our life. It’s hard to live in today’s time without internet as most of the people using the internet to socialize rather than real-life interaction. Using applications for entertainment is one of the ways to kill their boredom. Even the threat of security issue doesn’t stop people from using the internet.

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