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The Leading Logo Design Tools to Use in 2019

Are you looking to design a logo? We are going to unfold everything that you should know to build enchanting logos.

So what do you think makes a good logo? How do you build a compelling logo for a brand? In this article, we will reveal the answers to these questions. Now, if you are reading this guide, then chances are that you might already know about the best logo creation tool. We have unfolded the best logo design tools below that will enable you to create beautiful logos while staying within the budget. Read along to discover everything:

So How Do You Design a Logo?

A logo serves as the prime medium to connect with the target audience. If your audience connects with the branding factors, then they are likely to make a purchase after analyzing the logo. The logo design requires a blend of professional designing skills, creative ideas, and a robust designing app.

A professional designer who worth salt can create pitched perfect logo designs, mastering multiple time consuming aspects. Logo design might appear to be a simple subset of branding; however, it is a notable logo can serve as the center of successful marketing strategy.

How Can You Craft a Fantastic Logo

A logo might represent ideas and activities that are relevant to individual business. An elegant typeface might be appealing to high-class hotels more than a children’s school. Likewise, a vibrant palette of red and yellow color will not assist you in delivering a message to the retired and aged males.

Building a logo that is befitting to the medical industry will not benefit an education business. You may know these things. However, you need to discover more about the logo design. The more relevant a logo is to a business, easier it is to sell it to the client. Many times, it can be a challenging task for masses, but designers do not create designs only, but sell too.

The Leading Logo Designing Tool

A logo-designing tool will not build a fantastic logo by itself. Businesses are looking to build a simple logo until they grow and are ready to create a sophisticated and worthy logo. Having said, following are the leading paid and freemium logo designing tools that will assist you in creating a remarkable logo with ease:


Designhill comes with unique design solutions that help businesses build their brand personality. This platform delivers a wide range of graphic designs including logo design, website design, brochure design, business card design, social media page design, banner, and many more.


Canva is a well-rounded browser based solution for logo designing. It offers handy features for logo designing. Although it doesn’t offer features similar to the Adobe Creative Cloud, but it offers a broad range of useful features, simplicity, and easy-to-use functionalities for your brand. Canva is considered as the best logo design app due to seamless features.


Hatchful is the browser based logo creation software. It offers customization of logo through utilizing multiple templates, icons, and colors. You can test various logo variations and create a fantastic logo that is befitting to individual businesses.

The software offers easy-to-use features and assists you in gaining great designing skills in less time. The finalized logo is suitable for multiple screen sizes and leading social networks. All you require is the email address of the users.


Logoshi is a fantastic logo design software. It appears similar to the Web 1.0, but it offers great designing features at affordable plans. It offers transparent, square, and cropped versions of a designed logo. You can download bitmap and vector version of the created logos.


Ucraft is a notable logo design software. The logo design tool is known as the website creator. However, when you go through the browser-based tools, you will find the fantastic logo maker. The tool is easy-to-use and free. In addition, the designs are compatible across the leading platforms including the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. You can download the created logo designs as SVG and PNG versions.


TailorBrands offer not only logo designs but also pitched perfect branding features. The tool is easy-to-use and does not offer pre-made logos. The platform is powered by AI for creation of distinct logo designs befitting to individual users. The tool is economical and suitable for various businesses.

Final Words

Until now, we have discussed about the best and leading logo design tools in 2019. The logo design tools mentioned in this article have aided various businesses in advertising their brands effectively. Businesses belonging to small, mid, and enterprise level find these tools useful in attracting the target audience. If you know about more logo design tools, then feel free to specify them and add value to this guide.

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