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You get to know every flower around the world. Your mind takes in a lot of information about all the flowers that exist. I’m not an easy job. Now, SEO’s (like Google, Yahoo, Bing) are like the florists of the Internet; their systems collect information about every ‘page’ on the World Wide Web (WWW), so that, they can help people find exactly what they’re looking for.

There are mainly four types of SEO’s, namely White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat, and Negative SEO. Now we will focus on each seo service in gurgaon in detail to know the differences between them.

Black hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is when the guidelines of the search engine are not followed and therefore carries a certain risk that your content can be banned or demoted. This is usually done when we want to go faster and publish our content without adhering to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This type of SEO is specified not to be done, and hence if you are caught in any chance (high probability), your website can fall in Google’s search index ranking algorithm. Googles algorithms are continuously updated round the year and hence even though it is a much quicker method to go about, but there are sustainability issues because of which it is so highly forbidden. Data hiding, morphing, cloaking, and plagiarism are examples of Black Hat SEO’s that are implemented on private blogs or small content webpages, thus avoiding Google’s eye.

White hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the safest way as it is according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, but as a result, the cost increases along with a significant increase in time for the result to be carried out. The positives of this SEO are that it involves minimal risk and is known to deliver long-lasting value over time. Many search engines suggest the use of this type of SEO. Useful content that you find on social media and other legit sites that exposes us to links that are legitimate and do not redirect us to some other site altogether is implementing White Hat SEO.

Grey hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is a unique type which falls in between the above two SEO types because it involves the exploitation of loopholes in the Guidelines provided by Google. This technique is not specified anywhere, but it lies between what to do and what not to do. Hence it is risky, and hence, one needs to be very careful. Such kind of SEO’s we would have very often come by when we click on a link, and we are redirected to a page that has attractive things being displayed, and this encourages the viewer to press the link and thus generating revenue for the link that is usually user IP is driven.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is the process of implementing Grey Hat or Black Hat seo service in gurgaon on a site that does not belong to you with a wrong intention. Basic use is to divert traffic by drawing traffic from some other websites traffic. It is usually done by making un-natural or offensive links on the target’s website hence it is also at times termed as stealing their content which is done by hacking into the site and making changes in their content thus putting the targets site on trouble as well.

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