The Technology That Will Revolutionize Baseball as We Know It

The ongoing role that data and technology play in sport continues to become much more influential on the way athletes train and compete. Baseball is no exception to this. The sport continues to develop in the face of technology, and these innovative advancements are changing the face of the sport as people know it. Here is a list of the technology that will revolutionize baseball.




Whereas now, batsmen, both budding and pro, subscribe to the ideology that repetition and practice makes perfect, this may not be the case in the future. The development of the SwingTracker makes for a great tool for players to practice their swing more efficiently.


This is a sensor that comfortably fits almost any bat. When players take a swing using the attachment, it captures and tracks the data of that swing in real-time. This can then be viewed through an app so that batters can consider their metrics and work out what they need to do differently in order to better their swing.




This is a pitch-tracking system that has been developed by Sportvision. This technology has been installed in all MLB stadiums since 2006, and using it allows pitchers to track their velocity, movement, and spin. This is great for everyone to see what kinds of pitches and approaches work against some teams that don’t for others.


This technology, if correctly used, could give teams an advantage as they will know which pitching styles phase their opponents. Not only will it have an impact on the sport but betting on baseball too, as it will be easier to calculate the odds of success depending on how efficient a team is at a particular pitching style.


Virtual Reality


There’s no doubt that baseball is an incredibly exciting sport to watch; however, there is no denying that it is not as immersive for spectators as the likes of basketball, which allows fans to be almost on the court as teams are playing. Virtual Reality may well change this, as it will be able to take fans as close to the action as possible. They will be able to see exactly what the players are seeing and gain first-hand perspective on what it means to play for their favorite team throughout the game.




This is a motion capture system that collects a team’s data throughout the game and provides coaching staff with an in-depth look at different players’ mechanics throughout the game, whether this is in hitting or pitching. This in-depth analysis allows for a strict study to be carried out on the team’s performance, which allows for the scrutiny of different tactics and the ability to pinpoint what areas need improvement.




This is another piece of tracking technology that provides a multitude of scientific data, which includes a player’s movement and skill. It will enable staff to fully evaluate which players are performing the most effectively. This will make it easier to pick starting line-ups and will settle debates on who the best player on the field is.

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