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The Three Things Which We Love In Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 is the best phone from Samsung and represents their best mix of aesthetics, power, and performance.

It takes everything that was great about the Galaxy 9 and adds a faster processor, a triple-rear camera and a fingerprint scanner behind the screen.

2019’s iteration of the Galaxy is the closest Samsung have ever got to a true iPhone killer.

Three things we love about the Samsung Galaxy S10


The 6.1inch OLED screen looks absolutely stunning. The colours are vibrant and the black are very black. Furthermore, the phone is almost completely bezel-free save the thin strip at the top and bottom of the device.

Battery Life

The Galaxy s10 boasts a massive 3400mAh battery. I used this phone for a full 72 hours using the internet, several apps and a few phone calls and I only had to charge it once


Excluding the Huawei P30, the S10’s triple cameras are the best of any phone on the market. Combined with some impressive camera app features, the photos this phone can produce could be mistaken for a mid-level DSLR.

Mighty Vaporizer UK

Over the last few years, dry herb vaporizers have soared in popularity across the UK and beyond. Within the industry, Storz & Bickel have built a reputation for creating some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers in the business and their latest iteration of The Mighty only adds to their reputation.

Three things we love about the Mighty


The mighty is powered by dual 2500mAh batteries making it the most powerful vaporizer that money can buy.

As a result, it’ll provide enough juice for at least 10 sessions – which is more than any other vaporizer I’ve used.

Hybrid Heating

Generally, a dry herb vaporizer will either be powered by conduction or convection heating.

As a rule of thumb, conductions are fast and powerful but do not heat the entire oven evenly and as a result, hotspots can occur.

Conversely, convection vaporizers heat an oven’s contents evenly but are much slower to reach high temperatures.

The MIghty boasts hybrid heating; this uses convection and conduction with all of the benefits and none of the disadvantages.

Cooling Unit.

Perhaps my favourite feature of The Mighty is its cooling unit. In between the oven and the mouthpiece is a compartment with specially designed ridges. When you inhale, the vapour is forced through these special ridges which cool down

This means you take massive hits with zero throat burn at all – genius!

Bose QuietComfort 35

The QuietComfort 35s are the first wireless noise cancelling from audiophiles Bose and they do not disappoint. They have taken everything that was great about the 25s and managed to make them wireless with no degradation in the sound quality

Three things we love about the QuietComfort 35

Google Voice Assistant

The headphones have Google Voice Assistant built into them which is actually really useful. Not only can you ask questions and hear a reply instantly, but it’ll also feed notifications such as messages and calendar reminders from your phone and read them out to you at timely intervals

Noise Cancelling

With the QuietComfort 35s on your head, you feel pretty much shut out to the entire world. I have these on in our office as I type this and can hear none of the usual chatter or loud traffic from outside.

They work so well, that it is difficult to correctly judge the volume of your own voice when taking a call with them on your ears!

Sound Quality

A pair of headphones can have had all of the bells and whistles but if it doesn’t sound great they have failed.

Fortunately, the QC35s are an audiophile’s dream. The bass is deep and low without being overwhelming whilst higher frequencies have a great degree of texture and clarity.

I often found myself being pulled into parts of songs I had not heard before.

Samsung Galaxy S10


Build & Design








In-display Fingerprint Scanner



  • High screen-to-body ratio
  • Monster battery
  • Ability to wirelessly charge other device


  • Not that great Camera
  • High pricing

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