Three Times a New Website Design is a Good Investment

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Everyone knows that appearances are everything in businesses. When people walk into your establishment, they immediately judge you based on what they see. Your website serves the same purpose for online encounters. The success of your company is dependent upon first impressions. You want a website that informs potential customers: how you handle business, customer service, and the quality of your product or service. Online presence requires constant attention to ensure leads are generated.


Not Accommodating


Plugins, hosts, and platforms all constantly adjust to patch weaknesses where hackers can jeopardize your business. It is important to keep these up-to-date. It is not as simple as hitting the update button when available. Changes also involve making sure your site accommodates all users. More people are visiting websites through mobile devices. Responsive sites are given priority by search engines, making sure your company appears in the results. What makes a site accommodating? Here are a few key aspects:

  • Responsive to any size
  • Viewable by any disability
  • Alt text allows for text to voice software


Leads Stop Coming In


One thing your website should do for you is to bring in leads. You want it to bring potential clients to your inbox constantly, where you can court them. They are brought through search results, advertisements, and social media. If the effect is not as expected, it is time for a redesign of your site. A professional specializing in webpages will ensure your site has menus and SEO tactics to make it efficient. Business is driven by opt-ins more than any other location on your website. These must be placed where they are easy to find and stand out.


Social Presence is Not Visible


Search engines and social media drive the society we live in today. People spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram than any other site. They talk to friends and family, as well as socialize with complete strangers. Many mistakenly think these platforms are only good for personal uses. However, with social media pages for your business, you can reach out to more potential clients. They can leave reviews, as well as get assistance with your services. The best way to connect your website to your social media is through buttons. They can be part of your homepage with links to your direct page or share buttons on blog posts. The most important part is to keep the social aspect throughout your site, so people feel connected.


First impressions say everything about who you are and what your company represents. What people think of you the second they walk into your establishment is the same as when they come across your website. Studies have shown that visitors decide to stay within the first few seconds of opening. You do not want that time wasted on loading or attempting to adjust your site to the device they are on. Hiring professionals from Nicada Digital can give you changes that may be the difference between a new lead or a lost client.

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