Top 10 Gadgets You Need To Get Your Hands On

Top 10 Gadgets You Need To Get Your Hands On

Gadgets improve every aspect of man’s life. You can use them to check your health status, listen to music, clean your indoor air, reduce your energy, water bills, etc.

Below are some of the most innovative gadgets you can get online to make your life more fun, easier, healthier, and affordable.

1.      Air purifier

Our homes and offices have a lot of air pollutants like dirt, pollen, dander, fur, pet hair, germs, and other microorganisms. With the increase in outdoor pollution, indoor air quality has become a necessity.

To clean the air in your home and make it safe and fresh for breathing, you need the help of an air purifier.

2.      Smart body analyzer

A smart body analyzer is a must-have if you are health conscious. Although this device looks like a normal weighing scale, it is a complete health tracking scale that gives you detailed health data. It measures your vitals and provides you with your body fat percentage, weight, indoor or room air quality, and heart rate.

You can sync this data with the server using a mobile app, easily set fitness or health goals, and measure or track your progress.

Aside from your internal body health, the app/gadget also diagnoses the quality of your environment (indoor air quality). It then plots a graph of the indoor air quality and advises you to clean the room if it is dirty.

3.      Shower meter

Every cent counts. The more you conserve your water, the lesser in bills you pay.

A shower meter is a trusty gadget to have. This self-powered water and energy meter for your shower helps to conserve resources. The shower meter can save up to 8500 liters of water and 440 kWh of energy in a year.

It is energy efficient. It doesn’t rely on electricity or a battery to run but instead charges itself from the power generated by the water flow.

It also shows real-time data on the volume of water used and the water temperature.

4.      Headphones

You cannot be without a pair of headphones or earbuds. Great headphones are trending out these days.

Headphones or earbuds are great when you want to listen to an audio file or music in a public area. They give you the privacy to listen to and enjoy music.

Great headphones should be able to cancel any external or active noise. They should have a comfortable, attractive style, design and great sound quality. Examples of excellent headsets include the over-the-ear Sony WH-000XM4.

5.      Wireless speakers

The more technology progresses, the more gadgets become wireless. Gone are the days when speakers were huge and wired. Nowadays, not only are speakers wireless, but they are small and portable. And these small devices produce booming, high-quality sound.

If you are a music lover, then wireless speakers are a must-have. You can pack them up and travel with them wherever you go. And their Bluetooth connectivity helps you play music from any device. The small and stylish design also takes up little space and improves your décor.

6.      Book Lights

Are you an avid reader of books and are tired of foregoing your nighttime reading routine because you fear your reading light disturbing your roommates? Well, you don’t have to forego your reading routine anymore.

You can safely read your books without inconveniencing your bed partner with book lights. Book Light is an integrated LED display encased in a plastic body that provides discreet lighting to suit your night reading needs.

To use it, clip the Book Light to your book or magazine, adjust the brightness and viewing angle to your desired level, and enjoy your reading time.

7.      Sony SmartWatch

This high-tech all-weather resistant smartwatch makes your world smart by communicating with your phone, other devices, and applications. The Sony SmartWatch increases your smartphone’s experience.

It uses your phone’s mobile apps and Bluetooth technology to receive notifications, monitor other gadgets, and control music using its sunlight-readable display. You can also text, chat, send and receive emails and track your calendar from this smartwatch.

8.      Clocky robotic alarm

Forget about your usual alarm clocks that you can easily snooze or switch off to continue sleeping. Here is a trusty gadget that will definitely wake you up!

The Clocky robotic alarm is effective in its role. This smart alarm clock won’t let you snooze it. Nope, it runs away and hides and continues to ring until you get out and off your bed. With this smart alarm clock, you are assured of being in time for all your day’s appointments. (Check this article for more information)

9.      Robot vacuum cleaners

There is no need to hire housekeeping with a robotic vacuum cleaner like the Deebot. This three-dimensional home cleaning (vacuuming and floor cleaning) gadget automatically cleans your home depending on the cleaning schedule you program into it using its scheduling feature.

This smart vacuum cleaner has different modes for cleaning all floor types. It also can detect and navigate obstacles and empty its dust bin automatically. So you can rest on your travels knowing that your floors will be squeaky clean when you get back home.

10. Wireless LED light bulbs

Some innovations conserve energy and reduce monthly utility bills. One of such smart technology innovations is the wireless LED light bulbs.

With this smart lighting system, you can enjoy reduced power bills. These smart, high-quality lights are best for homes and offices. You can control them with a mobile app using a WIFI bridge. This app helps you turn on and off your light system remotely or schedule your lighting with the help of your smartphone or tablet.


There are many great smart gadgets out there. These gadgets will help you enjoy the things you love doing in comfort and in good health. Just find one that suits your needs. You can find all your must-have gadget needs at affordable prices online at Auctionwin.







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