Top 3 The Best Whatsapp Clones For Android Device

Whatsapp Clones


When it comes to the instant messaging app there are tons and tons of options available on the internet. But WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications which users love to use due to its simplicity. But there are also users who want their WhatsApp to be at the next level. Users get confused when they search on Google for WhatsApp Clones, which APK best suits them and which will not.

So for that kind of user today we got the 3 best apps that are WhatsApp Clones FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and YOWhatsApp. So let’s get started.


FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod application that allows us to chat with our contacts along with extended additional features. And this is the modified version of the original WhatsApp APK due to which we get the extra added features that are not available on the original WhatsApp application. Fouad Mokdad, who is the owner of many well known modified apps, also has modified WhatsApp’s source code and created FMWhatsApp app for Android. It is free but it’s an unofficial app developed for general purpose and for fulfilling user’s legitimate needs.

It has some cool features:-

A brand new privacy option where it allows you to hide your last online status, you can hide the blue ticks that appears when you see others message, and also can hide while you are watching your contact’s statuses and they will never know that you have visited their status.

The security lock feature allows you to lock the FMWhatsApp app as well as your private conversations with PIN code or pattern lock.

You can access two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on the same device on the same app.

You can decorate with themes to look different from others. It has over 4000 visual themes with different categories.

WhatsApp Plus

It is quite obvious that you have heard of WhatsApp Plus, but for a quick review. WhatsApp Plus is a modified APK of the official WhatsApp; which has too many features to explore and these features are not available on the original WhatsApp. There are many copies of WhatsApp plus MOD from where some of them are merged and some are stopped due to major bugs. If you want this mod then just search on Google it will be easily available for download. It is not available on the Google Playstore for violating Google terms and also its third party application.

It has some cool features:-

You can increase the letters on your status upload.

It is now possible to hide notifications.

You can send high size audio and video files and sending e-books is now possible.

Like FMWhatsApp here also setting app lock and conversation lock is also possible.

You can hide online status, last seen, blue tick, etc.

Also, you can hide the double tick when the message delivered.

Hiding the “typing….” Navigation is also possible when you type any message.

When you are recording your voice for sending you can also hide that “recording…”


Like the above apps FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. YOWhatsApp is also a modded version of official WhatsApp; where more features and bugs are implemented and fixed; an app with the same source code but with different modifications.  Its development is also the same as that of the other MOD apps like OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. This means it has similar interface aspects, privacy settings of users, file size sending limitations, file formats sending limitations, etc. So let’s talk about the cool features.

Almost every WhatsApp MODs have similar features, here the same thing applies.

You can choose your contacts you can call you and who can’t call you.

Choose who can see your online status, which contact can see you are recording an audio or typing a message and who can see your blue tick on message seen, etc.

You can set the font style. Many different font styles are available for decorating your app.

Many different emoticons and emojis are added.

Different file formats sending supported such as PDF, APK, ZIP, etc.

There is almost no size limit of media sending.

And a surprising fact, this MOD App works faster than official WhatsApp.

What do you think?

Written by Lara Hawkins


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